TV Review: Young Justice[S1Ep7] “Denial”

Young Justice "Denial" Review DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor iII, Dr. Fate


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the first true filler of the season.

The Chicken n’ Fixins

So the basic premise is that old man Kent Nelson has gone off the grid in N’awlins.  He goes to a faux fortune teller, Madame Xanadu. He’s trying to talk to Inza, his long lost love. He reminds me a lot of Victor Fries by constantly looking at that picture of his beloved. Turns out Xanadu is a Scooby Doo scam, what a shock. *eye roll*  Kent gets stolen-ported away. And his magic cane too! I’m already bored.Young Justice "Denial" Review DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor iII, Dr. Fate

So the boys are sparring and the girls are giggling, playing matchmaker, and again the setup is questionable. Red Tornado seemingly wasn’t going to assign them anything. They asked for it, and he gives them something totally out of their league. Pun intended. This repeating premise for every adventure is getting kind of old, but whatevs.

It turns out that Fate has been missing for almost a month. RT isn’t quite sure what the deal is, but he says that it’s unwise to leave the Helmet of Fate unguarded. Um. What happened on all the other times that Kent has been on a ‘walkabout?’ Wouldn’t he have failsafes for that kind of thing? So then RT produces the key to Fate’s castle

*brrrzt<record scratch>* Why wouldn’t he send another member of the league more suited to such a mission, like Diana, Zatanna, or Captain Marvel, three magic based beings? Why would he send the kids over there?

Also, they can’t just communicate with the Fortress of Fatetitude? It doesn’t have any cool telecom screens like every other superhero hideout? …Yah they gotta work harder to come up with more logical ways to deploy the team.

Let me also say the Miss Martian’s bio ship is everything that Wonder Woman’s off laughed at invisible plane should be. Just wanted to throw that out there. So it seems that the heart of this episode is Kid Flash’s scoffery at all things magical, along with a subtext of Kent Nelson not being willing to fully relinquish OR accept his responsibilities when it comes to the Spirit of Fate.Young Justice "Denial" Review DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor iII, Dr. Fate

They haven’t established enough depth for Wally, of all people, to legitimately have this kind of existential crisis. It’s always been cool that the Flash family’s powers have been rooted in real world pseudo-science. But in terms of Wally’s character on this show, he’s the comic relief/bumbling teenager that all boys try to forget that they once were. So I have less than no emotional resonance with his vision quest in this episode; the thing that rings true, as usual, is his obsession with Miss Martian. That’s it. Kent is a character we’re just now meeting, so again, there’s not enough of a connection there for us to care about him.

So apparently Kent….who we discover could at any point Fate out, but just chooses not to…is being tortured by some of the lamest villains I’ve seen in a while. Abra Kadabra(really?) and Klarion the Witch Boy. Um ‘scuse me a sec.

There is nothing even remotely threatening about these villains, and you have to have some kind of sense of danger, or evil, or something to have an engaging story. These two look like they belong on The Cape.

Young Justice "Denial" Review DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor iII, Dr. FateA hologram of Kent shows up, Wally says the unmagic words, and I have to ask, why exactly wouldn’t the tower recognize the sidekicks of the JLA? The only two of them that are actually new to the scene are Superboy and Miss Martian…why wouldn’t the Tower know about the rest? Batman’s too thorough to leave those kinds of details out. But whatever.

And then…*sigh*…yet another dumb thing happens. That would be the floor caving in, and the gang falling. Um. Miss Martian can fly. I hate when this happens in cartoons, it’s just like in live action when someone is a ghost, and everything is intangible but their feet. So she realizes that halfway down and grabs Walster. Artemis does a Robin(still can’t stand her) and grabs Aqualad, and Superboy comes to a screeching halt with his feet dipping in the lava. And he screams in pain. I don’t quite get that. Is he invulnerable or not? They need to more clearly define his powers.Young Justice "Denial" Review DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor iII, Dr. Fate

A Lord of Chaos…that’s what Klarion is. He’s a spoiled brat with an intensely bad hair cut. Impossible to take seriously. So then they all magic port to where the Helmet of Fate is just floating there…again, that makes no sense. Why would Kent leave it out like that, floating around? The Castle’s defenses obviously aren’t worth jack. Why wouldn’t he have it somewhere that only he could reach, locked and coded to only respond to his voice, retina scan, fingerprint? Ah well he must’ve gone to the Superman school of how to guard your crib. So Kent and Wally have a heart to heart…and Kent tells Wally to have faith. Okay. So Wally, of course, puts the helmet on. Which no one should be able to do but the carrier of the Helmet. But whatevs. So Nabooboo, the ‘real’ Dr. Fate springs into action, but is somehow having trouble with Witch Boy. Oh whatEVER.

So they fight fight fight….until Fate seemingly figures out that KlarionLips needs the cat to anchor him in this physical plane. Wouldn’t he already have known that, is this the first time that they’ve met? Kent seems to know who he is. Whatever, there’s no internal logic to this episode. Fate strips Kadabra down to his underwear, Superboy knocks him out. Kent and Fate seem to have a bit of a discussion about whether or not Fate should keep control of Wally’s body. Wally all of a sudden has become a believer, and Fate and Nelson seem to agree on what to do. Kent tells Wally he needs a woman that is his match. But he morphs before he can name who it is…Artemis or Megan.Young Justice "Denial" Review DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor iII, Dr. Fate

And then Wally….back at Mount Justice….PUTS THE HELMET OF FATE ON HIS TROPHY/SOUVENIR SHELF NEXT TO CHESHIRE’S MASK. They spend a whole episode talking about how powerful this thing is, and that’s where Wally puts it? *headdesk* Wally talks to Artemis, remembers Fate’s words, but chases after Megan. Again.


Pure filler. Let’s hope that next episode has more substance.

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  1. I thought this was a pretty “meh” filler episode.

    Fate looked awesome and I liked the way they did the voices.

    I’m pretty sure Ms. Martian had trouble flying because of the lava. I assume Superboy simply can’t handle that type of heat yet.

    Didn’t understand why Wally couldn’t buy magic. And I thought it was a waste to spend more time they the two kids who “hate” each other are obviously going to fall in love. Probably setting up a Best Boy/Terra type of deal when they show that Artemis is a mole or something.

    I think Abra Kadabra and Klarion weren’t meant to be taken seriously on any level.

    • Perhaps. She wasn’t that close to the lava at first. I just have a problem with heroes that can fly falling through trap doors. Fate was only in the ep for a like a few minutes which sucked, but it was still riDONKulous for Wally to put the helmet on his ‘souvenir’ rack. Come ON. That’s like putting Thor’s hammer or GL’s ring up there.

      It’s so obvious that Artemis is the mole I think they’re going to make somebody else be it.

  2. Well, trap doors usually catch people by surprise.

    It would’ve been awesome if Fate used Wally’s speed with his magic.

    I laughed at how Wally said they would take care of it just puts it on the trophy case.

    That’s very possible. Or maybe there are two moles. Artemis gives it up and Superboy unknowingly to all including himself is one.

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