TV Review: Young Justice[S1Ep5] “Schooled”

TV Review: Young Justice[S1Ep5] "Schooled", Black Canary, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II


Long on action. Short on logic.


This episode was fun, because I love the show, but it doesn’t really make a lot of sense. The internal logic is way off, and some decisions are way out of character.TV Review: Young Justice[S1Ep5] "Schooled", Black Canary, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

Connor has no finesse on a super save that involves kids on a school bus. He and Superman have yet another confrontation. Superman just continually refuses to directly deal with both who and what Connor is. Connor keeps reaching out, but Kal won’t engage. That still feels a bit out of character for me. It’s not like Superman to run from his problems, even when they make him uncomfortable. What’s even more out of character is that Superman would let a powerful being like Connor run around and basically. Batman radios him and says, “We need to talk.”TV Review: Young Justice[S1Ep5] "Schooled", Black Canary, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

Teach Me

Black Canary is brought in to help with training. Makes sense, because she and Wonder Woman along with Batman are masters at hand to hand. So the main villain then shows up, and right off the bat, let me say that Amazo is a problem by his very definition. A machine that can record & then somehow mimic ALL THE POWERS OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE. Batman himself says that it took eight leaguers four hours to beat and dismantle him. But he doesn’t say how. So right off the bat I knew that when the kids beat him, it wasn’t going to make any sense after a set up like that.

But then….the biggest faux pas that I’ve seen on the show yet. Batman says that Amazo’s parts are going to be shipped to two separate Star Lab locations for study. ARGH.

First of all, two collections of Amazo’s part are too few. Batman would’ve had them split into six or more separate units, and he would’ve had at least one of them coming back to the BatCave.

Secondly, why in the world would Batman put them in armored cars when Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman and J’onn could’ve had them were they needed to be in seconds?

Thirdly, Batman says there will be four extra decoy trucks. The kids are assigned to follow the real trucks. Well…DUHR…if I was Professor Ivo, or ANYONE, all you’d have to do is follow the trucks that the YJer’s are following and ignore the others. *headdesk*

Lastly, Batman would’ve already known that the parts were GPS tagged, because he would’ve examined them for that very thing before shipping them off. Especially if Robin could figure that out in seconds. *smh* The writers dropped the ball on this one.

TV Review: Young Justice[S1Ep5] "Schooled", Black Canary, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor IIEventually Amazo kicks Superboy’s butt all the way to Robin’s school. Robin, Kid Flash, and Superboy are all there to take him on. And continually get pummeled while Ivo looks on and laughs. Somehow then, Superboy gets an epiphany when Amazo accesses Black Canary, and he begins to fake a rage fit. I’m guessing to try and put the fight on his terms, and not Amazo’s. The team keeps coming at him, and predictably, he keeps switching powers. When he becomes intangible like J’onn, Superboy sticks his fist in his head, and when he resolidifies, his head explodes and he keels over. Aqualad and Megan come charging in after it’s all over. Ivo has escaped. There was also an arrow that was shot in the middle of the fight, signifying the presence of an archer, but not the one we think.

So they’re back at Mount Justice getting their mission debriefing. It’s “You did a good job, except for your screw ups,” which this time were all pretty much on Superboy. Batman congratulates them again on adapting in the field and learning the value of teamwork. Robin accuses Green Arrow of babysitting, but then they compare arrows, and they all see that it’s not Ollie’s arrow. They then assume that it’s Speedy, but maybe it’s Mia/Artemis. We’ll see. Superboy, of course, has humbled himself, and is ready to receive training from Black Canary. She reaches out in a mentorly/motherly way, which I thought was very heartwarming.TV Review: Young Justice[S1Ep5] "Schooled", Black Canary, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II


My main problem with this ep is how out of character Batman was written. It was extremely foolish of him to put the UNTRAINED KIDS in harm’s way up against someone like Amazo. Because Amazo could’ve killed them all. What if Superboy hadn’t had that idea? They would’ve been toast.

But in any event, it introduced one of the League’s deadliest villains. We saw some progress with Connor accepting help even though he’s still angry that his ‘father’ hasn’t accepted him. We know that there’s still an archer somewhere in the mix, and Ivo is free to wreak more havoc.

Still very excited about what’s to come!

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  1. I’m not as thoroughly impressed with the show yet but it has been enjoyable. I look forward to them adding more depth to each character. So far, we’ve gotten very surface things that help us instantly identify each one but really haven’t delved into motivations, beliefs, what their histories mean to them, etc. I think the show has potential to cover great ground and I hope they don’t just settle for villain of the week fights and each person relying on trademark quips.

    That’s not to say they haven’t gotten these things right. They have. And the show is still, pardon the pun, young so they’ve got room to grow it.

    Superboy’s anger is severely one-note and I’m really hoping they didn’t just pay lip-service to him learning to get beyond that with this episode. He has every right in the world to be angry but they’re not giving us anything else to get behind. And having Superman be an immense douche about the whole thing – gotta agree it’s very much out of character – isn’t helping matters.

    And, yeah, Bruce seemed to be inexplicably off his game in this episode. This is a guy who can’t sleep at night because his brain won’t let him not consider all the angles. These were some pretty gaping flaws in his planning.

    The one thing I can appreciate about a show like this, though, is they do seem to have a clear story arc they are following through on. This is probably the first of the five episodes shown so far that I didn’t really enjoy. That would seem to be a speed bump rather than cause for concern.

    • Well, I’m thinking that the whole idea is for them to draw things out over time, which is right in line for adolescent development. I can envision episodes that give us that depth as more & more backstory is revealed; I certainly wouldn’t expect them to reveal everything in five episodes; plus Artemis is still due to show up. Unless they severely drop the ball, I can almost guarantee they’re going to reveal that Megan is a White Martian & everything that means.

      This whole thing with Connor & Kal…Connor’s anger is indeed old already, because it’s so loud. So maybe he can start taking steps to chill with Canary’s help. I really don’t like Clark’s attitude toward all of this…if there’s anyone that knows how to take responsibility, it’s Superman.

      Yeah I can’t explain Batman’s actions; they’re just so off base until I just had to shake my head. I was facepalming at the TV while I was watching him explain his plan.

      I too am hoping that they have a master plan, and that they will bring plot threads & character development together while continuing to give us this excellent action. So far, so good.

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