TV Review: Young Justice[S1Ep3] “Welcome to Happy Harbor”

Young Justice, "Welcome to Happy Harbor" review, Miss Martian, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II


The team’s not a team. Yet.

Cast and Crew

Speedy: Can’t for the life of me understand his extreme attitude. This is being played out more like someone that has a bougie attitude. Speedy seems to think that all of this is beneath him. That doesn’t make a lot of sense given that he’s been Green Arrow’s partner all this time.

Red Tornado: My initial reaction was that I was underwhelmed. There is so much potential with having Red Tornado being the trainer. His voice & presence doesn’t feel balanced right yet. If he’s supposed to be cold, or if he’s supposed to be calculating neither is clear. Right now he’s coming off more as really bland. But the good news is, seeing that the episode reveals that they’re actually after him, perhaps more will be revealed about this air elemental.

Robin: I hated that laugh when I first heard it, but now it’s becoming his trademark. It’s much more in line with the original concept behind Dick Grayson. The laughing daredevil. So it’s working for me now. I love how, just like Batman, he’s got an endless supply of gadgets in his utility belt.Young Justice, "Welcome to Happy Harbor" review, Miss Martian, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

Kid Flash: He’s fast, he’s funny, he’s constantly horny. He’s the perfect teenage boy with super powers. I think that his characterization is the best after Robin’s.

BlaquaLad: And yes I will call him that. He’s there for the same reason that the original Justice League cartoon configuration was conceived. If they hadn’t had John Stewart and Shayera in the League, it would’ve been “Six White Guys and one Woman Save the World.” So it’s clear that an attempt at ethnic diversity is being made here with Mr. Electro Boogie. I think that he’s been compromised already, because he was clearly defiant to Aquaman last week. That seems to be the last thing that someone that has reverence for their King would be doing. So it’s hard to buy him as loyal. Whatever, he’s the character that I’m most ‘meh’ about, although his powers are definitely cool.

Miss Martian: I get what they’re trying to do with her. Again, female, alien, bringing diversity. What’s funny is that she alREADY sounds like an assimilated American Teen Girl, L.A. version. She refers to herself by her Earth name; it’s just all too easy. I’d like to see her struggling with her alien nature and loneliness, much more like J’onn does. She’s also the Starfire/Mary Sue character. That means that when Artemis shows up, she’s gonna be the hardcore one. She’s also *sigh* the most powerful one, especially with her telepathy. Even Superboy is vulnerable to it.

Superboy: Too one dimensional. I’m already tired of his angry confused angsty pouting. Whatever dude. I like that they’re giving him his due power though. At least it feels like he’s a Superman clone with room for improvement.Young Justice, "Welcome to Happy Harbor" review, Miss Martian, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

Good Things

– The characters really are junior grade versions of their older mentors. Their powers are not nearly as developed They don’t yet have mastery of their abilities. There is a clear distinction between the adult and teen sidekick versions. Excellent!

-They all have room to grow. They’re not already so locked into their particular molds until there’s no flexibility.

-The team is anything but a well oiled machine. Yeah The Cape needs to pay attention right along through here.

-Making a difference between the more experienced members of the group and the newbie, Miss M.

-The action quotient is really good too; they’re squeezing in the exposition and the character development really well.


So…I’ll be watching.

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  1. I thought it was an overall meh episode.

    I smiled when Robin got hurt after hearing his laughter. Are they going to always have him laugh with and echo offscreen like that?

    Superboy needs to chill.

    Kid Flash (or Flashes in general) always seem to become less effective in group settings. But, I guess since he’s still young it’s ok.

    Aqualad was ok for the type of character he was.

    Miss Martian should have watched other shows to learn about Earth culture.

    Red Tornado was ok. I have no idea who those two guys were.

    I don’t understand why Wally would be cool with telling people his ID.

    • Flashes have a bit of a problem, the same one that Superman does, they’re too powerful. There’s really no real way to fight anyone with command of super speed, so they have to find some way to neutralize them. Those two other guys were part of the team that either created him or know about his air elemental thang.

      • It was one of the things I didn’t like about JL/JLU. At least Wally isn’t made to be a complete goofball. We know he has some genius in him. I do like how he utilizes his speed for attack in other ways that just punching as the producers said he would. I didn’t like how ineffective he came off in this episode.

        I pretty much know nothing about Red Tornado other than he’s a robot with super strength and air manipulation who somehow has a human family.

        • Yeah, but again, the Flashes have one of the most powerful and unbeatable powers, so they have to do something to make that less obvious to the audience.

          Red Tornado is just like Hawkman in terms of backstory…they’ve revised and revamped and revisited it so many times until it’s beyond convoluted. He started out as just an android, then it was discovered that he was actually a sentient being, an air elemental, that inhabited this robot body. He was even human for a while in The Tornado’s Path.

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