TV Review: The Flash [S3Ep22] “Infantino Street”



The day of Iris’ death comes. Team Flash does everything it knows how to do. It’s still not enough. But the muddy waters get muddier, not clearer.

The Worst Day

The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris WestIt’s a heavy and somber day. They’re even playing the CW sad acoustic guitar music. It would be a downer day if you knew you were gonna die. Or if your daughter was going to die. Or the love of your life.

So Iris asks for caviar.

As always, Barry and Co. ignore really simple things in favor of a ridiculously complex plan. A plan that doesn’t work anyway. I have to admit…this show has made me tired. Know why? Because Barry never grows. He never learns. And he never wins. If you notice, someone else always has to save the day. Eddie had to kill himself to stop Thawne. Ronnie sacrificed himself to stop the singularity. And there’s another sacrifice tonight. It’s never Barry becoming better to overcome his challenges. It’s always Barry screwing up and someone else has to die for it. And always Barry having really questionable morals. Shadiness is his fallback plan. Again…this show makes me tired to watch it now.

Also, when Iris left her video message, I was sure she was going to say that she was pregnant. That also would make the caviar line make sense.

The Flash Plan

The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris WestSo basically they build the SpeedForce bazooka. They need the Dominators’ tech. So they ask Lyla directly for it. And Lyla has the most honest and human reaction we’ve seen in a while. She does not trust Barry. Because he’s proven himself to be incompetent, and unable to think things through. He also makes decisions in the moment that have a huge impact on others. Like changing the gender of your child. Barry rarely gets called out on his selfish decisions, so this was good to see.

H.R. says that Iris needs to be taken to another earth. Which again is unbelievably competent both for him, and for Team Flash in general. Barry says Savitar will find her no matter what. Really? How? If they do something with Iris that Barry doesn’t know, how would Savitar know? So anyway, forward with Plan Red Kryptonite. They need to be master thieves to break into Argus. They aren’t. Lyla told them to leave it alone and find another way. But against Lyla’s express wishes, Barry’s doing it anyway. His powers will be negated by Argus technology. So what does he do?

He goes back in time and Flashnaps Captain Cold.

FlashFreeze this timeThe Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris West

Wentworth Miller chews up every scene he’s in as usual. He cracks me up. His delivery as Cold is so over the top and cartoony until it’s almost fourth wall breaking. It’s like he knows that there’s so much silliness he might as well clown the lines.

Also, Captain Cold is dead. So this again kind of negates some of the weight necessary to pull the main plotline off. Because time, death, and people’s histories are completely flexible. Whatever they need to be in play is always in play. So Joe and Iris rightfully remind Barry that his time travel shenanz is what got them in trouble in the first place. But they’re going with it anyway. Of course they are.


The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris WestSo next we see SaviBarry and Killer Caitlin and once again, this scene removes all doubt as to her feelings for him. She’s clearly both worshipping him as Savitar, and loving him as Barry. “We’re a team, right? Barry and Caitlin at it again?” SaviBarry rebukes her as he says, they’re on the Dark Side now. No more of those pesky light side names. But she is clearly into this dude. I told you I was done with anybody trying to argue that Caitlin doesn’t love this guy.

She rightfully challenges him on his plan, which still doesn’t make any sense. And then she says, “Behind that pretty little face of yours.” Right. And who else have you seen Killer Frost follow without question? Right. She talks about Barry kissing Iris and sounds like someone who’s insanely jealous, along the variety of “I sure wish that was me.” And then she looks at him with all the clumsiness of a schoolgirl staring at her crush and getting all knocky in the knees. Right. But SaviBarry reiterates that Iris’ death is necessary for his existence. Still not buying that closed time loop malarky but whatever. And he’s still obsessed with his delusions of godhood.

The writers clearly have a thing for Barry and Caitlin. They just keep teasing it. And remember, in the original timeline, 2024 Frost said they stayed together and went on an unstoppable crime spree and ruled Central City. Too bad we’re never going to see that.

Know what’s missing from this conversation? More information about his suit. How did Present Barry damage it? Who made it? What kind of tech is involved? Also, his scars. They still haven’t been explained. I’m starting to think he’s going to get them next week in the finale. Is he only faster than Barry while he’s in the suit? How come we’re almost at the finale and we don’t have these answers?

Throw Away the Plan

The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris WestSo basically Snart is the scene stealer in this episode. He’s hilarious. They also finally “tell” Tracy that Barry is the Flash. Um…..what? That was just beyond bizarre. She herself said she should’ve figured that out, and she should’ve. How could she be in that lab 24/7 now from what we’ve seen and not know? Lord. More dumbness in action. But at least we get to see the actual version of Wells we want to see. The Wests arrive on Earth 2 and meet Harry. Still the best version of a good Wells that we’ve seen.


“Lyla” and Snart get to Argus. They’re about to get in thanks to Cisco’s fake ID wizardry until the front guard asks them for today’s code word. It starts with “Elvis banana.” Yeah they’re in trouble. So they decide to fight and I want you to notice that Barry actually fights like Lyla. I didn’t get that. He has martial arts training when he looks like Lyla? Barry’s never shown those skills before.

The more significant part of this scene however, is the transmogrifier disguise morphing tech. That’s going to play a KEY role later. So pay attention. (Also, transmogrifying is from Calvin & Hobbes. No seriously.) We knew that wasn’t Lyla obviously, but Barry using some more tech. Also, how does it compensate for height and mass differences? Geeks need answers here people.

So SnartFlash(doesn’t that sound like a brand of sneezing from Germany?) get past the front. And I was like, DON’T THEY HAVE CAMERAS IN THE LOBBY OF ARGUS? Again with the nonsensical writing. No way there’s a flat out assault by someone that looks like the director IN THE BLASTED FRONT LOBBY and no monitor sees it anywhere. Especially since Lyla said “every inch of that place is bugged” in the opening scenes. *sigh*

Go West Young Woman

Joe and Iris have some farewell bonding time. It was really sweet and painful. There’s no scene with Jesse L. Martin that doesn’t end up being the fastest feels alive. He even sings to her. Lord have mercy.

But then Iris gives Joe her engagement ring. “Just in case.” And I’m like…..didn’t Barry already tell you that was the case in the future vision where you die? Don’t you want to change that little detail? It’s pretty clear that Iris really doesn’t expect to live. She has no confidence that Barry can stop this.

But can you blame her?

No country for Old Heroes

They find the Red Dominator Kryptonite room. As well as Grodd’s prison. And some members of the Suicide Squad. I keep forgetting that Amanda Waller is dead on the show, just not in the movies. Too bad Enchantress wasn’t around to dance her way into that room.

The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris WestThe Red Gem is being guarded by King Shark. Because of course it is. That is just so random it made me laugh. Snart breaks a $10 million dollar lock in 37 seconds. That was also comical in its absurdity. Those Argus folks need a serious refund. Then Barry asks for the cold gun so he can kill King Shark. Snart figures out a way around it. Lower the temperature and put the shark to sleep. So the show demonstrates that Snart is both more moral and smarter than Barry. More incompetence from the fastest idiot alive.

Snart again goes Deadpool and breaks the fourth wall. “Reminds me of Jaws. They didn’t show the shark because they couldn’t afford to make it look good.” HAH. King Shark stumbles and goes to sleep. YEAH IT WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED THAT FAST. Then his fin pops up. More laughables. And then….Barry takes the power source. And the alarm goes off.


Do you see why I’m tired?

HR Puf’n’Stuf

Pretty much HR proposes to Tracy. Not marriage, The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris Westbut proposes that they become a science couple that works at S.T.AR. Labs together. And she says yes. Again, this woman clearly had absolutely no life before Team Flash invaded it and brought her into their drama.

It also means that something bad is going to happen because they’re so in love.

Make a Choice

Barry’s gotta choose to either rescue Snart or let him die. Cisco says he can’t hack that Argus mainframe. Then he hacks the Argus mainframe. Takes the guards over two minutes to get down there. Again, that made no sense. So King Shark stands up and of course Snart makes it almost in time. King Shark grabs his foot and Barry tells Cisco to bring the door down. Thereby cutting King Shark’s hand off. Which he promptly regrows. Okay then.

Lyla shows up and negates every single thing she’s said since the top of the episode. She even said she watched the whole thing on the monitor. And she lets Barry have the tech because she’s having a crisis of conscience about Iris’ death. Um…if she watched the whole thing, and was going to give Barry the tech anyway, WHY DID SHE LET THEM GO THROUGH ALL THAT TROUBLE? WHY NOT JUST GO DOWN THERE AND SHUT THE SHARK DOWN?

This show turned to the Stupid Side of The Force and forever does it dominate its destiny.


The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris WestSo we see Barry zoom back to S.T.A.R. Labs. He sees, they got the tech. And then asks, “Where’s Iris?” IMMEDIATELY SOMEBODY NAMED CISCO SHOULD’VE SAID “I THOUGHT WE AGREED NOT TO TELL YOU WHERE SHE WAS.” But anyway, HR runs his mouth and spills the Iris location beans. Barry turns around…and it’s SaviBarry. It was a holy crap moment. But there’s a payoff on all of this later.

Off to Earth 2 SaviJohnson goes. Joe, Wally and Harry try to stop him. To absolutely no avail. Remember, the villains are always the only ones that properly know how to use powers. Both Savitar and Zoom showed why a speedster is unstoppable. But Barry never does. The so-called “fastest man alive.” And once again, Wally gets crippled. SaviBarry crushes his leg at the knee. Ouch. That crunch really hurt to watch. Wally just keeps getting hurt. I think they brought him in too fast, and sped him up too soon and now they don’t know what to do with him. His role is what Joker used to call Grayson, “Robin the Boy Hostage.” I don’t know why Joe and Harry thought guns would do any good against a speedster. With armor. But again, there’s a purpose here. Crime Remnant Barry comes out of his suit, just to rub it in I guess. Joe tries to talk him out of his nefarious plan. Iris volunteers to go with VarVar if he spares everybody else.

So Evil Care Beartar grabs Iris and he’s out.

How come Harry couldn’t seal the portal to and from Earth 2 some kind of way?

Infantino Street

If you didn’t know, this episode’s title is a nod to Carmine Infantino. The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris WestOne of the longest running artists on The Flash comic book. One of the all time greatest comic artists, many kudos to him for his wonderful work.

Barry comforts Wally, but Wally’s out of the action for now. HR chastises himself for spilling the beans. They get the bazooka ready. Barry tells them to figure out a plan without him. That’s significant. Cisco and HR have a heart to heart. Cisco says “it’s not his fault” um YES IT IS but this is the CW. Somebody has to utter those words in every single show. You can thank Lana Lang for that. Then HR tips his hat, and the camera pans to the broken piece of Savitar costume that they had. That’s significant. Cisco is leaving, and Vibes his fight with Killer Caity. Barry gives him a heart to heart and says that he will save Iris, and Cisco needs to save Caitlin. Sure he does.

The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris WestThe big confrontations are here. Cisco tracks Caitlin to the Forest of Frost. She makes it clear that killing Cisco will kill the last part of her that is Caitlin. So she can ascend to “godhood” with Savitaffy. Once she said that, it was a sure guarantee that he’s going to turn her back to the good side. I just don’t believe they have the stones to make Caitlin go all the way murderous and make it permanent. She did the first time, as we found out in 2024. I doubt she does it this time. She’ll either just hurt him and leave, or he’ll make her cry and turn back into Caitlin again. They really need to make up their minds as to where they’re going with Caitlin’s story. Caitlin Snow is a better person, and Killer Frost is a better villain. So who’s she going to be?

Best thing so far? NO JULIAN! I HATE JULIAN. Notice how the episode is just fine without him. You don’t even miss him. This is a clue on the importance of a character.

Barry arrives at Infantino street. The stage is set. The newscast is playing. His horrific future vision is coming true, piece by piece. Savitar shows up, pontificates about his ascension as usual. Barry tries the SpeedForce bazooka, which Savitar actually runs rings around at first. The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris WestThen for some reason it catches him full on and he….breaks free. And tells Barry that he knew how to prevent getting trapped by that weapon twice. Um…..WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY ON TEAM FLASH THINK OF THAT? As Caitlin is fond of saying, “this is all history to him.” So why couldn’t they anticipate that he might have a plan this time? The philosopher’s stone, made of “calcified SpeedForce energy” stops all of Tracy’s efforts.

And Savitar kills Iris as foreseen.The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris West

Stabs her clean through. Then we see Iris Anne West’s video of her basically saying her wedding vows to Barry. I thought she was going to say she was pregnant. This video is intercut with Savitar murdering Iris and Joe becoming unglued watching his daughter die. I have to admit it was still a really sad moment, even though we knew it was coming.

But there’s a major difference in the scenario this time.


The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris WestThat major difference being, HR was not on the roof as he was when Barry first saw this death scene unfolding. This is what I think happened. I think that HR switched himself out for Iris. That’s why they showed Barry using the transmogrifier tech to impersonate Lyla earlier on. I think that HR decided to sacrifice himself in order to save Iris.

That’s why the camera panned down to the Savitar spear after HR says a clear goodbye, with a tip of the hat to Cisco. The question then becomes, when did he make the switch? He had to do it before the Wests get to Earth 2. Because once Savitar gets her, we don’t see Iris again until they show up in the park. Iris also does not say “I love you” this time, and she did before.

Also remember that Savitar as Julian said that HR was the only one to survive his wrath. Another indication that a last minute sacrifice play by HR, Savitar wouldn’t see that coming.

There’s still problems with this explanation tho. If Iris knew about it, she wouldn’t really agree to let HR sacrifice himself for her. Also, it’s why I asked earlier about mass and weight in terms of image projecting, which isn’t the same as shape shifting. Because Savitar would know the difference between how much Iris weighs and the weight of a grown man like HR. So there’s holes in this theory. I just think somehow the Iris that we see die isn’t the actual Iris. We’ll see next week.


The Flash "Infantino Street" review, 3x22, Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Killer Frost, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat, Wentworth Miller, Iris West, Death of Iris WestWell….I don’t know. I don’t believe the conclusion to all of this is going to be emotionally satisfying. This show hasn’t done that since Season 1. We already know there’s going to be a funeral (probably HR’s and Harry is in attendance). And we know it’s going to end on a cliffhanger. I wouldn’t have a problem with any of that if I didn’t already know that it will make Barry look bad. That’s what the CW does to its male heroes. Oliver is so ruined until Arrow isn’t even interesting anymore. Barry’s selfishness and short-sightedness is what got them in this situation. It won’t be his competence, speed, power or strategizing that gets them out. It’ll be HR(or whoever’s) sacrifice and some type of fluke event.

And here’s the biggest question of all:

If Time Remnant Barry hadn’t become Savitar, what would they have done with him?

Barry never thought far enough ahead to think about that? In other words, if he creates Time Remnants that end up not dying….what then? If SaviBarry stays alive but doesn’t turn evil, then do we just have two Barrys from then on? See how this lack of forethought is just annoying?

Oh well. Next week is the end of Season 3. Can’t say I’m sad to see it go. Best thing all year was Killer Frost, hands down. We’ll talk about this episode on Twitter. Click on the hashtag #FlashChat and join the conversation next Tuesday, May 23, at 1 PM CST. Believe me, all the theories we come up with will be smarter than whatever Barry does. ?


Read Comics

Check out some Carmine Infantino volumes. His work will show you what a fun Flash should be like:

14 thoughts on “TV Review: The Flash [S3Ep22] “Infantino Street”

  • May 17, 2017 at 6:35 am

    I was so annoyed with this episode. Once again Barry screws with the timeline to suit his needs and it backfires because Barry never faces any consequences. The fact that we all thought he was capable of leaving Snart or even killing KS shows how far off from the hero Barry Allen he’s become. Lying and stealing from his friends and putting millions at risk for his own selfishness. Savitar is the better of the two. The HR switch thing I believe but how sad is that?! No one should be okay with that because why is his life less valuable? Not to mention that he knew what would happen if Cisco faced Killer Frost but he does nothing to help or even warn his so called best friend. Much!! What we need is a spin off with Savitaffy (love that name) and Killer Frost.

    • May 17, 2017 at 8:36 am

      It was really something for a penultimate episode, wasn’t it?

      Timeline tampering by Barry. He’s become Clark from Smallville. Clark once said, “Lana is all that matters.” That’s Barry’s mantra for Iris now.

      And yes, Barry’s morals have gone to trash. I don’t want my heroes like that.

      And I hadn’t even thought about Barry not warning Cisco. Good point. Wow, that makes him even more selfish. We need a better hero.

      And Killer Frost and SaviTaffy yep we need to see that for realz.

  • May 17, 2017 at 8:43 am

    The way they deformed the hero of the show is horrible the villain has to convince him to not kill…. even Batman one of the darkest character in DC don’t do that kind of thing…
    It doesn’t matter what Barry do at the one I don’t think I’m going to be happy I have a feeling he is going to go with the speed force (hence his mother in the photos)
    At this point the only thing I care is where Caitlin and Cisco stand at the end what is going to happen to them

    • May 17, 2017 at 8:49 am

      Yeah he’s going to go back in time again.

      Or….that shot of his mom represents the SpeedForce taking Barry away for all the wrong he’s done.

  • May 17, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    i’m having mixed feelings in this episode , on one hand we have Iris “death”, like she’s a useless character and i was sort of satisfied to see that SaviBarry did “kill” her but i also felt sad for her and for all of team that tried so hard to save her (definitely not feeling bad for Barry). On the other hand i wish we could see Savitar win, so the God of Speed and the Queen of the Winter have more screentime. Also it’s a shame that i’m really rooting for the bad guy but Barry hasn’t improved in ANY way, I swear i don’t know what the writers were thinking when they wrote this season, like “let’s make the hero the worst character and have all the viewers hating him” but whatever.

    And Caitlin, god she’s so in love with Barry,i ship them so much but after this season i feel he doesn’t deserve her anymore, so sad. The only funny thing was that i didn’t realize that Julian wasn’t around until i saw a comment on twitter.

    • May 17, 2017 at 2:49 pm

      It still had quite the emotional impact watching Iris die(or whoever that was). But in plotting this season, Barry has become almost impossible to root for. That’s not how we’re supposed to feel for the main protagonist.

      So many people now want to see Savitar and Killer Frost adventures. That means that they are WAY more interesting than anything else on the show. That is MAJORLY telling. They are far more intriguing to watch than anything Team Flash has given us so far.

      As I said, I’m not even dealing with people that try to act like Caitliln doesn’t love Barry. It’s so obvious it hurts. And Julian not being around? Affects NOTHING. That’s a clue to his value as a character.

  • May 17, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    This episode was a bit disappointing. Barry’s character is not what he is supposed to be at all. He is far from being a hero. All this season did was make Barry a selfish person who never learns from his mistakes. It makes me sad to see it. Plus making this whole season about saving Iris was a big mistake. Captain cold was awesome he always makes me smile. Something is wrong when the villain is more likeable than the hero. Loved the scene with KF and saviBarry they have so much natural chemistry. Kinda wished we could see them together for much longer. It’s obvious Caitlin loves Barry any version of him. Question is why does he choose to only keep her around? He kills everyone but her. Is it maybe that she’s the only one who never hurt him? If the writers have a thing for Barry and Cait I hope they do something about it and stop teasing. Though I’m sure they don’t have the guts to go through with it. Honestly I just want to know what happens with KF and Cisco. I don’t want him to lose his hands. Iris’ death is meaningless if it was really HR. I hope HR did this all on his own without any one knowing. Otherwise that would be horrible. For once I’d like to see Barry be the hero and not have someone sacrifice themselves to save the day. To have Barry live with the consequences of his actions and move on and become the hero he’s supposed to be. Clearly I’m hoping for too much.

    • May 17, 2017 at 5:28 pm

      Indeed. We want to see Barry rise to his challenges. To become better as a result of what he’s been through.

      Instead he just keeps making the same mistakes and the consequences keep getting worse. Yikes.

  • May 17, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Seriously I’m sick of Barry’s selfishness, he even went back in time to fetch Snart, or one he’d swear never to do again (What he said to Cisco when his brother is Dead) Westallen also is a bad thing, since Season 2 WA to remove Barry from his friends Caitlin and Cisco, it’s not normal that other people have to sacrifice themselves in place of the hero. Savitar is a better person than Barry. I hope the SpeedForce will kill the current Barry and recreate him

    • May 17, 2017 at 9:42 pm

      Barry will always time travel when he needs to. I don’t even know why they think he won’t.

  • May 18, 2017 at 12:47 am

    You’re right, it has become burdensome to watch–that Barry didn’t seem to learn that there are consequences to his actions, and repeated the same mistake (which by this point, can you really call it a mistake? It’s flat out selfishness) that caused this whole mess in the first place. Like you said, “But they’re going with it anyway. Of course they are.”

    How are they going to resolve that? Redeem Barry?

    This whole season has been so Barry-Iris centric, and my conclusion now is that this relationship leaves a bad taste in your mouth in the end, instead of inspiring us of a love worth fighting for: Barry had to sacrifice his morals, and a VILLAIN needed to point him the way (like WHAT?! DT2, great point by the way!); Barry pushed Caitlin to save Iris causing more of her EVIL powers gaining control of her (it’s like Barry and Cait’s special bond which was established so strongly in season 1, and somewhat further established in season 2, and even in the KF episode this season, keeps breaking and breaking, so no wonder it was a landslide for her to join hands with Savitar); HR might’ve sacrificed himself to save Iris.

    I’ve always been inspired by war movies, how soldiers chose to sacrifice themselves for each other and it shows honor. But the “sacrifices” above didn’t seem to inspire honor and that this is a great love in the end, given that Barry’s integrity is compromised this season. And the themes that we love about The Flash, like friendship in the bond we see between Barry-Caitlin-Cisco, (but really more Barry-Caitlin) is shot because of Barry’s, I guess, obsession, of saving Iris. Heck, even in the episode of “The Once Future Flash”, we see this Barry who let the whole city gone to the crapper because he had lost Iris. Though by episode’s end it was resolved, but still you can’t “unsee” that, and communicates to us yet again how burdensome this Barry-Iris relationship can be, that even the whole city had to pay for it.

    If they’re still going to stick to WestAllen, which is their right, I don’t know how or even if they’re going to resolve these issues (or if they even see it as an issue) because the way I see it they play straight to the character of Barry Allen. Which relationships in Barry’s life actually add to him being a great hero? I’m sure Iris’ pep talks can be warranted, but like you said in the previous post, the three fathers of Barry in season 1 did a great job of that, and the dynamics between Barry-Caitlin-Cisco, Barry-Caitlin, Barry-Cisco, even some of Barry-Iris in the right time and place, was great. Letting them all come from Iris seem to diminish impact, and even some of those private talks were cringeworthy and out of place.

    Gee. That was pretty long. Oh well -_-‘

    • May 18, 2017 at 3:20 am

      It’s the CW syndrome. Remember that Clark Kent was like this over Lana.

      It’s because they don’t know the difference between love and obsession.
      And they don’t get concepts like altruism and sacrifice. So they write their heroes with tunnel vision and sophomoric emotions instead of as grown people.

      Heroes never shut down over romantic relationships. They use the pain to make themselves fight harder. See Batman.

      • May 18, 2017 at 10:34 am

        It’s like the writing is almost bipolar. Heck, writing a story isn’t easy, we know that, but sometimes I just wonder what these guys and, yes, gals, are thinking. Hey, maybe they know exactly what they’re doing, that they know the kind of reactions writing Barry this season like that would invoke, and that’s exactly what they’re going for, and maybe they have their own solutions. Cause we have seen Barry being heroic from season 1-3, it’s not like we haven’t–I mean, look at the KF episode, the way that conflict was handled, that was great writing! It delivered such a great punch because we have seen what they’ve established in season 1 and 2 of the depth that Barry and Caitlin’s relationship has and they took advantage of that (or maybe that was pleasant surprise for them. huh). But then few episodes later we see them squander their own special creation in Barry-Caitlin dynamic. And in this episode, it’s a straight slap to the cheeks with Barry-Cisco bond. They finally bridged that gap in the crossovers, but Barry’s decision to time travel again to get Snart? Hello? Dante? And we see an non-reaction from Cisco (hey, maybe it’s coming, like, sometime in season 4 -_-). Like I said, it’s a bit bipolar. Maybe it’s due to having multiple writers. Or maybe, again, that’s exactly what they’re going for. Or maybe, marketing’s a little too involved, and they’re trying to sell this Barry-Iris ship too much, but at what expense? Barry’s integrity and character? Isn’t that toxic? I mean, we have loved The Flash for many different things. I see that this could be a good thing, if they haven’t portrayed the kind of hero that truly gets sacrifice AND having a romantic and healthy relationship at the same time, then maybe they can portray him starting next season. I’m curious, but I also have mixed feelings about staying on for season 4. Btw, it’s really refreshing to hear from your viewpoints and insights. Also, I appreciate how I finally see someone’s who’s objective about Snowbarry and Westallen instead of the, you know, puberty fueled ship wars. Ha.

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