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A future villain uses tech that seems like magic and Gypsy’s gonna arrest him no matter what and HOLY CRAP KILLER FROST.

Wink winka

The Flash S3 Ep 18 review, 3x18, Abra Kadabra, Grant Gustin, Killer Frost, Danielle Panabaker, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChatWait now, don’t miss that opening Easter Egg. Stagg Industries is where Rex Mason AKA Metamorpho is born. If you’re not familiar with the character, click on the link and read more. We haven’t seen Stagg Industries since Wells/Thawne killed Simon Stagg in the first season. But is that still the case now? Between Flashpoint and Legends it’s really hard to keep up with the timeline changes.

In any event, Abra Kadabra shows up to steal some tech. And he does, spectacularly and with ease. He’s a man on a mission. And when we find out later on exactly what that mission is, the game changes.

Save the Date

The Wests, the Allens, and Joe’s girlfriend are out on a double. Then Cecille (unbeknownst to her of course) brings up the day that Iris dies. And the whole mood changes. They were gonna see Hamilton and they all realize that Iris punches her ticket that very weekend. Cisco is even vibing it again to see if it’s changed and it hasn’t. I told you from the beginning, their approach is 100% wrong. Trying to change present events and circumstances isn’t gonna stop Savitar.

Julian and Caitlin are having problems in their burgeoning relationship and I’m about to puke. I cannot stand them together. CAN. NOT. STAND. THEM. TOGETHER.

Back to the Best

Did you notice that the format of this episode was almost identical to the first season structure? Barry got to talk forensics and it was pulse pounding mystery until the end? Yeah baybeh! The Flash S3 Ep 18 review, 3x18, Abra Kadabra, Grant Gustin, Killer Frost, Danielle Panabaker, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChatThey also name drop Kord Industries again. That’s the birthplace and home of the second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord. Yeah this ep was crafted with some tender lovin’ care!

Barry discovers Kadabra is the perp at Kord Industries. And then Kadabra reveals that he knows Barry. And Savitar. And everything about them both, including Iris’ death. Yikes times a bazillion. Enter Gypsy. She scores the only knockdown all episode and then Savitar does this incredible Gambit card supermove and disappears. Wow.

As in Hocus Pocus

The Flash S3 Ep 18 review, 3x18, Abra Kadabra, Grant Gustin, Killer Frost, Danielle Panabaker, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChatGypsy does the exposition needed for Kadabra. Cisco has so little game until seriously, it’s like he’s nine years old. Gypsy is focused and you can tell there’s something else driving her this time. Barry figures out that they need to interrogate Kadabra for info to help save Iris. That’s the beginning of the setup for the moral dilemma of this episode. Kadabra’s at Mercury Labs this time, and Vibe, Gypsy, Flash and Kid Flash confront him. I’m thinking that they shouldn’t lose and BAM. Of course it’s a hologram. Shouldn’t Barry be able to see that with his speed vision? In the comics he could. But whatever.

Kadabrey shows up at S.T.A.R. Labs and blows up the place. But what does he want? Barry all of a sudden shows up and cuffs him. Why didn’t he do that the first time? Next we see that Gypsy wants Kadabra, but AK tempts Barry with the knowledge of Savitar’s true identity. This is the info that Barry needs to save Iris, but Gypsy the Cop doth protest. So super knockout punch to the rescue!

The Great Debate

The Flash S3 Ep 18 review, 3x18, Abra Kadabra, Grant Gustin, Killer Frost, Danielle Panabaker, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChatIt’s so common with The Flash now until we barely notice it. There are always these huge “we need to talk” scenes in every episode. This one for a change has some real intensity tho, because Gypsy has fire and vengeance in her words over Kadabra. And the magician tells Barry that he is indeed gonna beat Savitar, but not until he kills Iris. So AK begins to bargain: his freedom for the knowledge of who Savitar is. He wants out of that cell and out of Gypsy’s hands. If they don’t agree? Iris dies. Yikes again. So close to a solution yet it means setting a felon free.

Blah blah blah more Julian and Caitlin and WHERE’S MY BARF BAG?

Barry and Iris discuss the moral and ethical ramifications of this Abra decision. And guess who actually takes action? Joe West, that’s who.

I can’t believe he did it. But he believed what Kadabra said and opened the cage. COME ON MAN! Stevie Wonder could’ve seen that double cross coming. KADABRA CAN TELEPORT. And he does so right before he can spill the beans to Joe. Which gives us more angry Gyp Gyp.

Into the VoidThe Flash S3 Ep 18 review, 3x18, Abra Kadabra, Grant Gustin, Killer Frost, Danielle Panabaker, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat

And then, my favorite space in S.T.A.R. Labs. Kadabra goes into the Thawne room and steals one of the original Thawne/Wells’ devices. Joe expects Kadabra to actually have some integrity and honor their verbal agreement. Is this man an actual cop? AK goes Vader and says he’s altering the terms of the deal. Well OF COURSE HE IS. And he’s outta there like Billy Batson in a blast of lightning. And holy cow, Caitlin got impaled in Kadabrey’s explosive exit. Like a metal pole in her gut injured. Yeah she clearly feels no pain because most people would’ve been knocked unconscious by that kind of injury.

Cold Case

The Flash S3 Ep 18 review, 3x18, Abra Kadabra, Grant Gustin, Killer Frost, Danielle Panabaker, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChatThey take a still impaled Caitlin to her medical bay. They discuss their options and I LOVE THE LEVEL OF DETAIL IN THIS SCENE’S DIALOGUE. They can’t take her to the hospital because she’s still a wanted felon. That means that Team Flash, and Detective Joe West, are guilty of aiding and abetting and harboring a known fugitive. Wow. Then Cisco realizes that Caitlin’s powers can heal that wound because she regenerates when she’s frosted up. Caitlin says plainly that she’d rather die than become Killer Frost. She keeps the necklace on and literally talks Julian and Iris through life saving surgery. Holy cow it’s like she felt no pain.

Now, I’m sorry. Whether they meant to or not, they just solidified Caitlin as the toughest, strongest character on this show. She survived an earlier explosion without complaint. She’s got major shrapnel lodged in her gut that’s rupturing her kidney and she doesn’t even cry. She states that she’s prepared to sacrifice her life to stop her evil alter ego. She stays awake during her own surgery, which means she had minimal anesthesia. She then talks two people with little (Julian) to no (Iris) medical experience through the procedure. Barry can’t even have a deep conversation without crying. Caitlin just did all of the things listed above like a freaking navy seal. Or Jerri Nielson. My word and stars.

Gypsy finally tells Cisco why she’s so pissed. It’s because Kadabra killed her lover and her partner. Whoa.


The Flash S3 Ep 18 review, 3x18, Abra Kadabra, Grant Gustin, Killer Frost, Danielle Panabaker, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChatI still couldn’t believe the way Caitlin stayed awake. She’s close to hemorrhaging for Heaven’s sake. Julian whines that the biggest piece of shrapnel is stuck. So Caitlin tells him (in a very stern voice) to turn it while it’s inside of her. Julian rips that shrapnel out and Caitlin still doesn’t pass out. Who. does. that?? Caitlin gets them through the surgery. It is now official that there is no member of Team Flash that Caitlin Snow hasn’t saved, including herself.

Let me say it out loud, because many of us were thinking it: Why wasn’t Barry in that operating room? No way his speed powers aren’t an asset. Was that just to give Iris something to do?

They finally figure out that Kadabra’s doing the same thing Thawne/Wells was doing: trying to build a time machine to get back home. And he powers up the machine and is on his way out.

Barry tells Gypsy that the only way they catch Kadabra is together. She reluctantly agrees. And then KADABRA FLIES A SPACE SHIP THROUGH DOWNTOWN CENTRAL CITY AND OPENS UP A WORMHOLE. Right because NOBODY WOULD’VE NOTICED THAT. ?  In any event it’s a grand fight. Wally gets knocked off a roof and would’ve fallen to his death. (He’s seriously not ready for this hero thing in the slightest.) Good thing Francesca’s there to vibe him to the ground and save his life. His vibing powers fortuitously slow Wally’s velocity. Because Jr. Joe there was about to be yellow-red egg splat all up in Uptown. And Barry? He does thee coolest takedown we’ve probably ever seen him do: he super speeds up a building and then Spider-Man jumps his way into and through Kadabra’s cockpit. Wow. Barry’s Peter Parker AND Jason Bourne. This is the Barry Allen we want to see. Someone that can think on his feet. Someone that’s not afraid to use his powers and doesn’t need constant pep talks. Someone that can take down a villain with his own powers.

This is the Barry Allen I want to see every week, not once or twice per season.

Down to the Wire

The Flash S3 Ep 18 review, 3x18, Abra Kadabra, Grant Gustin, Killer Frost, Danielle Panabaker, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChatGypsy captures Kadabra and AK taunts Barry. He says that Iris is going to die. So next there’s a very somber scene in the pipeline. It’s the moment of decision. What’s Barry going to do? And what he does is, he tries to appeal to the part of Kadabra that has compassion. Supposedly. All Kadabra does, as he’s marched to his own execution, is tease Barry with some more future knowledge. He tells Big Bear that they’ve been enemies for years in the future. He knows all of his speedster enemies, Thawne and Zoom, and Defoe. And his worst nightmare….Savitar. He broke Barry like none other. And AK revels in the knowledge that he gets to kill Iris too. It was awful in its wickedness. I have to admit, if I were Iris at this point I’d be freaking out. Seems like nothing they do can change the future.

Blah blah blah Caitlin and Julian.

My Brain Explodes now

Caitlin’s recovering and she and Julian kiss. ?????????????????  I was surely hoping that wasn’t the end of the ep and it wasn’t. It kind of makes you feel like it is tho, as right after we get a reflective scene with Joe and Iris. Barry figures out (finally) that going to the future is the only way to stop Savitar. He wants to arm himself with the knowledge of the future. He realized that that’s the advantage all of his recent foes have had. It’s about time Allen. Next up, HR comes back and immediately gives up too much information about his makeout session with Rhonda.

And then.

Caitlin says “cross my heart and hope to….” And then Caitlin starts to flatline. She declines really fast. Julian tries to revive her. He fails. And then honest to goodness, she dies. Holy freaking crap. Everybody in the room spazzes out and Cisco looks like he’s going to die himself. So Julian snatches off her necklace in the off chance that it will bring her back.

And it does. As Killer Frost.

The Flash S3 Ep 18 review, 3x18, Abra Kadabra, Grant Gustin, Killer Frost, Danielle Panabaker, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChatHer wound heals and she emerges from a frost cloud like Mary Marvel after her magic word. And she’s fully Killer Frost now. The blonde hair, the glowing eyes, the whole thing. Just wow. Just wow. Now we see how Killer Frost actually gets on the loose from that future event. Julian in an attempt to save his new love sets her evil side free. Seriously I hope that’s enough for Julian to kill himself. If he doesn’t I hope that Killer Frost does. Remember how Julian tried to have her arrested and Barry gave up his job to keep her free? I hate this stupid Julian and Caitlin thing. But at least she’s Killer Frost now and she’s having none of her old life. It reminds me very much of Fred and Illyria. Which is exactly the storyline I wanted. I was blown away, I kid you not.The Flash S3 Ep 18 review, 3x18, Abra Kadabra, Grant Gustin, Killer Frost, Danielle Panabaker, David Taylor II, DT2ComicsChat


This is the show that we love. Major kudos to the writers and production team. This was pulse pounding, game changing, edge of your seat TV. With real consequences. This is such a far cry from Duet last week until it’s hard to believe it’s the same show!

There’s only one problem: we’ve got to wait a month until the next episode. ?


READ the ORIGINAL. Comics are good for ya!

8 thoughts on “TV Review: The Flash [S3Ep18] “Abra Kadabra”

  • March 28, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    I love when you say ” is now official that there is no member of Team Flash that Caitlin Snow hasn’t saved, including herself.” Because is so true and she has the best story line out there I just hope they don’t make Julian bring her back as Caitlin my wish is that she can control her powers at the end to the season.
    And now I keep thinking savitar is Barry from the future I mean I would hate iris too is they make show such a soup opera haha. Ok that is a joke but I still think is Barry or Eddie

    • March 28, 2017 at 10:14 pm

      Yeah it’s gonna be really incredible when they FINALLY tell us who it is.

    • March 29, 2017 at 12:33 am

      Barry could never hate Iris “the love of his life West.

  • March 28, 2017 at 11:35 pm

    You know, I feel like this show is going to give me a headache Rita Repulsive-style but then it hits the right marks like I’m watching a show made for writers like us. I’m super jacked after the show comes back from the hiatus. It’s been a long and winding road and yes, this episode for sure had Season 1 traits, suppose that’s why it was so enjoyable. I feel like we’re back on track sort of, as it should be. My only question being: why is the team/the show/the writers acting as if losing Iris would be the worst thing in the world? Couldn’t Barry get another love interest? I mean, that’s the only thing left needing a fix. The rest can fall into place. These writers are really taking their sweet time on the reveal but I think they believe we know how they’re working this.

    • March 29, 2017 at 5:11 am

      Sometimes you can write yourself into a corner. I certainly have. When you don’t plan out where you want the characters to go, and you manufacture conflict…that’s the sure fire formula for character fail. Iris has never been fleshed out as a character. She’s just a function, “hero’s girlfriend.” Just like Lana Lang. Once she’s served her purpose, they have to start making up reasons for her to be there. That’s different from say, a show like Firefly. Where you have actual characters.

  • March 29, 2017 at 12:29 am

    Tonight’s ep was so awesome, David Dastmalchian was brilliant as Abra Kadabra…perfect casting, I agreed with alot of what you wrote except your views on Snowbert (cause I happen to ship them lol) and about Caitlin being the strongest person on Star Labs, Iris has gone through similar situations and have been brave and selfless like Caitlin but you have never acknowledged her for it, when she had been injured by Clive Yorkin in ep 12 Iris didn’t cry and she coached Caitin while she helped her.

    • March 29, 2017 at 5:09 am

      Iris at best has isolated incidents. Caitlin consistently saves her team and gets over her pain.

      • March 29, 2017 at 6:17 am

        Who’s to say that Caitlin is over her pain? seems to me there’s some deep seated pain inside her, and Killer Frost brings it to the surface.

        Also what pain are you referring to concerning Iris? I know it can’t be the pain of her knowing she’s potentially going to die right? cause that’s something nobody can just get over.


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