TV Review: Smallville[S9Ep7] “Kandor”


The longest lost city from Krypton finds its way to Smallville.

The Good

-The opening sequence. I was riveted. It did what the teaser segment is supposed to do, whet your appetite for the rest of the show. And the acting was stronger than usual.Smallville Kandor Review DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II
-That awesome war on Krypton; and the destruction of Kandor. That was just spectacular looking.
-Clark and Tess. He manned up.
-I commented on another thread that I didn’t think that Smallville was a precursor to the Donner movies, and then they use something straight out of them!
-Tess and her sexual teasing with Zoddiekins.
-Explaining that Jorsky used Blue Kryptonite e to corrupt the DNA in the orb.
-Clark’s heat vision special FX. It’s just awesome.
-It’s smart of them to not have Lois and Clark go straight into the relationship. The tension would be over so quickly until it would be meh.
-“Feelings for her since the 1930’s.” Good wink to the original Superman comic.

Smallville Kandor Review DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

The Meh

-The fact that Jor-El looks like Clark and then like JorElStiltskin in just a few years.
-That once again, CHLOE is the exposition/history/liason master. She got to spend more time with Clone-El than Clark. That was just weak. They’ve made her far more important than she should be.
-Zodlalani had to save JorJor Binks? The “greatest scientific mind on the planet” couldn’t even successfully defend himself? …Right.
-Jor-El…for the most part…just looked…lost.
-The reason that Jorpin and Zoddicker became mortal enemies was really weak.

-I’m really tired of the PanAm flight from Krypton to Earth. It completely dilutes the peril of Clark’s journey, at least in my eyes.
-Chloe has cameras at the Kent Farm. And all she musters up is, “I’m sorry Clark.” And he just accepts it?
-How in the world did Tessmacher expect Jorry to convince Zod that he was the Blrr without any powers?
-Clark’s parents are blonde. His hair is jet black. Um, yeah, hmmm.
-Is Faora the wife that died? Or was she his second wife? How did they come up with Doomsday?
-I’m sorry. Having to have Superman get flown in a plane to his destination by the Green Arrow just makes him look even more like a Category Five wuss to me.
-Tess is just like Chloe. She can manipulate absolutely every male around her with impunity. And no consequences.Smallville Kandor Review DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

The Bad

-Clark has to mourn 3 times, 4 if you count Lionel. Once with real Jor-El, once with Clone Jor-El, once with Johnathan, and again if you count Lion-O.
They are determined to make this man Peter Parker, and I’m sick of it. SICK OF I TELL YA!
-Why didn’t Clark go to the Fortress at some point?
-How many more people and VILLAINS get to know everything about Superman BEFORE HE EVEN PUTS ON HIS CAPE??
-Chloe. has. cameras. at. the. Kent. Farm. If they’re trying to make her totally unlikable before they kill her, it’s working.
-Mr. More-Super-Senses-than-a-government-satellite couldn’t tell that Zod was there??

-How did Tess know what the Blur’s costume should be?
-Anybody else think that it was stupid that such an “advanced race” as the Kryptonians KNEW FOR TWENTY YEARS THAT THE PLANET MIGHT BLOW UP AND DIDN’T HAVE AN EVACUATION PLAN IN PLACE?? The best that they could come up with was genetic material? To preserve all that knowledge??
-“You have to help me find who killed my father.” I swear I heard the “DUHN DUHN DUHN” chime right after that lameness. What an entirely unnecessary soap operatic twist. Jor-El has BEEN dead; and then he’s alive. And then he dies again in Clark’s arms with Welling trying his hardest to emote. And then he’s not crying when he’s talking to Oliver, but posing.Smallville Kandor Review DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II


So all in all, I was actually quite entertained by this episode, even though it seemed to have been shot full of cow sized holes with a stupid gun.
Two steps forward. Three steps back. Such is ChloeVille. Um, Zodville. No, wait, TessVille.

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