TV Review: Krypton [S1Ep6] “Civil Wars”



The Days of Future Past are revealed and all the uneasy alliances have to decide what they’re going to do about it.

Coming Home to Roost

Krypton, Season 1, "Civil Wars" 1X6, Superman, Doomsday, General Zod, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, ReviewWELL WELL WELL, turns out that Lyta-Zod’s unborn-yet-here-I-am grown son is none other than General Zod himself, Superman’s second greatest foe after Lex Luthor. And Adam Strange rightfully wants to take him out before he becomes who he’s gonna become.

Which was the whole basis for Civil War II over at Marvel. Do we have the right and/or the obligation to end evil before it starts?


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Boiling Pots

Krypton, Season 1, "Civil Wars" 1X6, Superman, Doomsday, General Zod, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, ReviewGood grief it feels like a bunch of pimples are about to burst. We’ve got Voice of Raoniac working with Creepy Newt and spewing science now instead of faith. We’ve got House Vex working with Jayna, who’s now trying to secure House Em for when they set off the bomb to kill Raoster. And Seg finds out what we’ve always known, that Krypton is going to explode. The twist here is that it is precisely Brainiac’s theft of Kandor that destabilizes the planet core and causes the explosion. Except Adam didn’t bother to tell Seg that, so now their trust is broken. Zod looks like he’s anticipated everything that’s happening and it’s just what he wanted to happen. Everybody’s loyalty is being tested to the max.

What’s the Plan?

Apparently there’s a super weapon down there in the catacombs. Zod says they need it to stand even a ghost of a chance against Brainiac. Seg has to at least check it out, I’ll give him that. But the show couldn’t possibly completely rewrite the origin of Superman, so Krypton is still gonna go boom, some kind of way.

Jayna lets Dev in on the revolution plans to topple the current Rao Powers that Be, which is high treason to even be coming out of a Zod’s mouth. He gives Jayna his word that he’ll back her, but there is no way in Lemaris these plans don’t go awry.Krypton, Season 1, "Civil Wars" 1X6, Superman, Doomsday, General Zod, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Review

I still hate this stupid version of Adam Strange. He has no integrity and there’s nothing unique about him. He’s just some weak dude. He suggests that, since he’s not sure who his prophetic warning was about, that maybe they need to let Brainiac take Kandor to preserve the timeline. Now there’s a dilemma. His stupid behind doesn’t even know how things are supposed to play out, and he thinks that Seg and Lyta are supposed to trust him. See, only we know who Superman is, they don’t. They don’t know who General Zod is either. If I was Seg, I would’ve shot this fool Adam by now. And Seg rightly questions the meaning of continuing to fight if it’s all going to come to a fiery end anyway.


Remember how I said they’d have to bring in every element of Superman’s world to keep this interesting? I was right, and they have, but it is indeed still interesting. Zod claims that he was best friends with Jor-El. He however, much to his own distaste, clashed with Superman because Kal rejected his Kryptonian heritage. With this kind of backstory, that animosity makes a lot more sense. Zod would want to rule with his powers, because he comes from a caste based culture where your guild and rank determine everything about your life. Kal-El, growing up on Earth, and in America in particular, would buy into the ideal of Krypton, Season 1, "Civil Wars" 1X6, Superman, Doomsday, General Zod, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Reviewfreedom for all citizens(even though we know that’s never been true in practice). Kal doesn’t want to rule, mainly because of the Kents’ influence. He wants to serve. We can now see why that would be so distasteful to anyone who grew up on Krypton in the time of the show’s setting. Especially someone that’s experienced the powers that Kryptonians are granted under a yellow sun and in lighter gravity. That’s a brilliant way to fill in the histories of Houses El and Zod that play out later in Superman’s life. I also like this version of Zod infinitely better than Michael Shannon’s in Man of Steel.

Not One-Dimensional

So at last we learn that there are eight other cities on Krypton. Chancellor Vex is trying to unite them under his leadership. Kandor won’t be able to survive on its own much longer with its dwindling resources. Little does he know that the Voice of Rao is already hastening Brainiac’s arrival to destroy them anyway.

Krypton, Season 1, "Civil Wars" 1X6, Superman, Doomsday, General Zod, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, ReviewLots of throat-cutting later, every faction is trying to advance their agenda. None of this is going to end well. General Zod’s pride at being a weapon from his mother’s hand is showing, and it’s awesome. Lyta and Seg are starting to feel the squeeze of their doomed romance, but like all doomed lovers that just makes them love harder. And Vex n’ stuff sets the bomb up to end Rao. Too bad he’s ahead of them, and besides being über creepy with Diet Newt, he wants the whole city at the celebration.

Blended Family

So the sigil that marks the bomb is clearly a blend between the House of El and the House of Zod. But they can’t blow their way in with military grade bombs. So they Scooby-Doo their way to the conclusion of the blend, and Seg’s magic blood is called upon. But this time it must be mixed with a Zod’s. It is, and guess what comes out? Krypton, Season 1, "Civil Wars" 1X6, Superman, Doomsday, General Zod, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, ReviewFREAKING DOOMSDAY, THAT’S WHO. The Guardians reveal that Doomsday is a creation of the ElZod’s, and know that he is not to be released under any circumstances. A fight breaks out, and the flimtastic four escape. They want to find another way to stop Brainiac. Yeah they’d better hurry up.

The uneasy alliance between the Vexes, Jayna and Dev is falling apart. How Jayna and Dev don’t see that the Vexes will betray them first chance they get is beyond me, but okay. Oh well, Raoniac mind-slaves all the Sagiturai that wanted to kill him, so now we’ve really got some grits in the pan.

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I’m enjoying this show more and more. Again, it’s Superman’s mythology but they’ve still clearly managed to create real jeopardy, tension and consequences. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. More Krypton!Krypton, Season 1, "Civil Wars" 1X6, Superman, Doomsday, General Zod, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Review


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