TV Review: Justice League Action [S1Ep7] “Under a Red Sun”

Superman. Barda. Batman. Oh my.


Superman AT LAST is Superman again. Fully powered and hard to beat. He takes down most of the Parademons. This is the Kal-El we deserved.Justice League Action Steppenwolf Red Sun Review DT2ComicsChat David Taylor II

Today I am a man

So Steppenwolf shows up with plans to defeat Superman. But Clark is too powerful, so he decides to cheat. He Mother Box’s Superman to get him under a red sun. Yikes. No more powers for Kal.

I’ve said from the beginning that Superman’s powers are biological. So again, this makes perfect sense. He’s an alien that looks like a Terran. But it’s his Kryptonian physiology that grants him all that power underneath a yellow sun.

This Superman is the REAL Superman. Even as Clark feels his powers draining, he fights. And he fights hard. I loved every bit of this. He even incorporates his boy scout training to survive. And swings like Tarzan! Know what this Superman never loses? Confidence. Again, THAT’S Superman. Steppenwolf keeps taunting him as if Clark were the coward. But Darkseid’s minion is acting like he didn’t totally rig this fight. Reminds me of someone else I know. This would be an empty victory if Steppenwolf but Superman, because he didn’t really face Superman. He faced a Kal-El of rapidly diminishing power. Yeah Steppy-Step’s a wuss.

Bats and Barda get the location from General Short n’ Stumpy. They show up, but Kal’s already defeated Steppenwolf, even with a broken leg. Batman rubs it in and Barda realizes the truth of Kal’s last line:

“That’s why they call me Superman.”



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