TV Review: Justice League Action [S1Ep3] “Nuclear Family Values”

We’re gonna see everybody on this series! Good to know it’s not just going to be Bats, Supes, and WW each week. Today’s featured hero? Firestorm.

Campy Camperson

Pretty much no way this one isn’t pure camp. The “family” is not just a traditional “nuclear” family, they’re a 1950’s family. It’s awkward seeing that trope in today’s media. It showcases how archaic some feel that structure is. Firestorm’s characterization here is also funny. He’s young, quippy, excitable, and Professor Stein is a curmudgeon who’s right all the time. It’s hilarious.Firestorm, Justice League Action 1x03 review DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

Funny + Creepy = Freepy

So there’s an accident at a nuclear power plant (because of COURSE there is, it’s a Firestorm ep) and we see irradiated shadows. Batman can’t get anyone to check it out, the JLA is busy. But have no fear. THE HEAT IS AWON! Firestorm to the rescue.

The banter between Stein and Ronnie is spot on. We get the quick origin of Firestorm. Woodsy, with a hint of cinnamon. Seems like the antagonists just want to establish a happy home. HOLY CRAP THEY’RE ATOMIC POWERED ANDROIDS. Or as they prefer “Automated Americans.” So Firestorm tussles with them and it’s a huge nuclear exchange. The theme here is again, do humans have the right to create automatons and then do whatever we want with them. This family says no. They want revenge and they want to irradiate the environment. So Firestorm fights and transmutes and simply out-nuclears them.Then he Kandors them. The JLA shows up and invites him in. Fanboying ensues!

This episode was great. Fun yet thoughtful. A little campy, but not a problem.

And still loving the JLU theme music running over the end credits!

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