TV Review: Justice League Action [S1Ep18] “Field Trip”


It’s another adventure where all the heroes are constantly incompetent. No justice here. StarGirl, Blue Beetle and Firestorm demonstrate why you don’t let kids loose in Superman’s Fortress.

Enough with the Stupid

Nope. I have had enough of incompetent heroes. Everything about the premise in this episode is stupid.

Superman’s giving a tour of the Fortress to StarGirl, Firestorm and Blue Beetle. And whoops, a three-eyed space cat jumps on the controls to the Phantom Zone projector and Superman gets trapped in it.


*sigh* No way Kal-El would have a Phantom Zone device without failsafes. No way that a cat could jump on the controls and activate it. No way that Kal wouldn’t program that thing to shut down if he was caught up in the rays. No way Kal would even bring them into a room with something so dangerous in it. No way Zod & co are right there on the edge of the Zone all the time just waiting to jump out. And no way three Kryptonian murderers wouldn’t kill those three. This was beyond stupid.Justice, Justice League Action, Phantom Zone, Superman, Zod, Non, Ursa

Junior Justice Fail

The Three Stooges are fighting Zod & Co. (is that Ursa or Faora?) and all they keep doing is stumbling over each other. Their attacks are shut down by the Kryptonians at every turn. Or they keep running into each other. And it was also ridiculous how the kids knew how to operate things in the Fortress, when at the beginning of the episode Superman made it clear that he was introducing them to it. So Zod & Co. have a level of power upon escape. Firestorm traps them in the Arsenal Room and so they of course blast their way out. With an array of ever more powerful weapons.

The Catch

So once they blast their way outside, the yellow sun starts to power them up. So Star Barbie and her Amazing Friends finally stumble their way into a room full of Kryptonite. Which again….if Superman had such a room in the Fortress it would be very hard to get to. So the Justice Trio gets access to a small sliver of Kryptonite. Blue Beetle charges the criminals with it…and it does nothing. More ridiculousness, because Superman has been shown to be made weak with small amounts of the green rock. Zod Pack gets outside and again, yet another pet peeve of mine: instant power up. They fly in seconds. They use their heat vision in minutes. And Clark grew up here and it took him years to master his powers. Blah blah blah, Firestorm begins to analyze the chemical composition of Kryptonite. The Dumbtastic Duo attack the Kryptonians and get pasted yet again.

So Firestorm shows up and transmutes a mile of ice around the Fortress into Kryptonite. Of course he does.

So they get Superman out and he puts the thugs back in. While Firestorm is absorbing all of the Kryptonite energy coming from their chains. Guarantee in future episodes that little trick will be forgotten. And Superman will be brought to his knees with less than six ounces of Kryptonite.Justice, Justice League Action, Phantom Zone, Superman, Zod, Non, Ursa


Didn’t like this one at all. Last week’s was way better. Next.


Watch Superman II. Everything about that is better.

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