TV Review: Justice League Action [S1Ep15] “Hat Trick”


More magic shenanz with Zatanna, Bats, and Etrigan. This time it’s Z’s hat.

Weren’t we just here?

I guess this a continuation of last week’s adventures. It’s the exact same combo of Leaguers. So the three Dark de Teers are fighting an army of Rent a Ghosts. Felix Faust appears through a mannequin and snatches Z’s hat right off her head. And Zatanna has Bunny PS.I kid you not.

Faust calls up this huge demon cockroach so he can become young again. Which he does. The Mega Roach then goes on a destructo spree because seriously, what else would it do? Zatanna tries to make Faust give her her hat back, and Batman and Etrigan chase after Halitosis Demon.

Batman and Etrigan look like they’re going to make short work of it, but it proves to be more resilient than they thought. Zatanna beats Faust so easily and quickly until you wonder why it even took her that long in the first place. She says another backwards spell and sends that thing back to wherever Faust called it from. And that’s that!

Quick ep and Etrigan asks Batman if he needs a new Robin. I kid you not!



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