TV Review: Justice League Action [S1Ep1] “Power Outage”

Theeeeeey’re back! And oh how we’ve missed them. Geek TV just isn’t complete without the Justice League. And since they’ll never have the Trinity in live action (see Invasion!) this is right on time.

Doing it Justice

The animation leans towards a simpler style. None of the noir touches found in Batman: The Animated Series tho. It works for what it’s trying to accomplish, because it’s simplistic enough to appeal to younger kids. And dig Wonder Woman’s haircut. Very progressive punk for Diana. The heroes in practice though are their more mature selves. And we’ve got Conroy back as Batman! That alone makes it worth watching.justice-league-action1 DT2ComicsChat


Superman’s called in to face Parasite, who is more gross than ever. I didn’t think that was possible. He’s got a roach diet going. Diana shows up and they capture him ipso pronto. But an unexplained meteor shows up and, something’s in it! It’s a molten lava rock dude named Kalithos who absorbs the absorber. That’s right, Kalithos ingests Parasite and thus gains access to his powers. Jimmy Olsen is also there to represent the vapid, social media angle.

So they fight and fight, and Kalithos just seems to be getting stronger. Diana makes him tell the truth, and his goal is to “restore” the earth to its pre-human molten state. Both Superman and Wonder Woman are fully powered and I love it. No reigning them in to make the villains work. ‘Bout time! So J’onn shows up, and Kalithos absorbs him. Which includes his weakness to fire, which isn’t good for a Fire god! So they defeat him, and separate Parasite out of him. J’onn also discovers that there are more baddies in this vein to come.

The humor is tongue in cheek, but it’s a great setup for Batman’s deadpan responses. These are the JLAers we know and love. Amazing how animation almost always gets it right. All in all, an excellent first episode. Can’t wait to see more of this series!

(Oh, forgot to mention…the end credits music is the same as JLU’s! #Winning)

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