TV Review: The Flash [S3Ep15] “The Wrath of Savitar”

Savitar, The Flash, The Flash review, The Flash 3x15, Grant Gustin, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II



Super speed chickens come home to roost. And that’s just the beginning. That smarty pizarty Savitar finds his way out of the Speed Force. Team Flash pays heavily for it. But honestly? They deserved it. Savitar, The Flash, The Flash review, The Flash 3x15, Grant Gustin, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

Into the Fray

Sometimes I can’t with this show.

The good part is that the excitement of watching is back! That pulse pounding, can’t wait for the next scene feeling that hits when this show is firing on all cylinders. That was in full swing tonight. The bad part? Is that you’re excited because you’re yelling at the screen. Because sometimes they’re all so stupid you wish you could throw them ALL into the Speed Force.

And could they please pick a personality for Barry? ?

So anyway, Care Bear, Wally, and Jesse are training. They’re now back to acknowledging that the plan of making Wally fast enough to stop Savitar is still in play. And it looks like they’re making real progress. There’s only one problem: Wally’s having 3-D hallucinations.Savitar, The Flash, The Flash review, The Flash 3x15, Grant Gustin, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

Who are We?

Julian walks in and he and Caitlin don’t know whether to hug n’ kiss or shake hands. Get used to that confusion, it’s rampant in this episode. So Barry and Iris announce their engagement without a word….Iris just holds up her ring. They completely cheated the audience of the scene of her saying ‘yes.’ That should’ve been a sign that trouble was a-comin’. Everybody seems happy. Joe chokes up but I knew immediately that he was miffed that they didn’t tell him first. Nor did Barry actually ask his permission to propose marriage to his daughter. Who is also Barry’s step-sister but I guess we’re just ignoring that these days! Isn’t it kind of strange for your two KIDS to say they’re getting MARRIED? #MaybeItsJustMe

Cisco even gets to be the best man. Yah because Barry has no living relatives to fill that position but who’s counting? Barry and Wally zoom off to fight a fire and….Wally sees Savitar again. And he completely kicks Wally’s butt. In a Matrix-style way because it seems that it’s all in his head.

Maybe.Savitar, The Flash, The Flash review, The Flash 3x15, Grant Gustin, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

One thread, and it all unravels

Barry switches into comPLETE jerk mode and it’s just awful. The writers seem determined to ruin this man. He’s chewing Wally out for something that the Wallster had precisely zero control over. If they were trying to show the intensity of Barry’s concern for Iris, they failed. Turning Barry into Anakin Skywalker is not the answer. We all know how that turned out. #JustAskPadme #OhwaitShesDead

Then Barry puts Wally out of the group on the suspicion that Savitar might be spying on the group through him. And he does it again in a complete jerkface way. Wally didn’t deserve any of that. And what comes up next? Possess-o-rama with Julian. Seriously, they figure that tapping back into Julian’s connection with Savitar is the way to go. He and Caitlin have a moment that just confuses the whole “we’re just friends” thing that she just said last episode. And does anybody else think that the fact that they could just, access Savitar like a speed force seance thing was way too easy? But anyway.Savitar, The Flash, The Flash review, The Flash 3x15, Grant Gustin, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

Grill Baby Grill

Emily Rose Julian is back and he talks a lot more this time. And they learn nothing. Yet we as the audience get some more clues. That whole scene was really intense. We felt Savitar’s unbridled rage to the max. He really hates Barry, but we don’t know why just yet. And Joe and Iris? NEITHER ONE OF ‘EM gots any jobs to get back to, they just chillin’ for all the adventures now. ?

Savitar’s identity really needs to be revealed. He said, “Still here, pretender? Still trying to find your place?” He said, “You’re there when I become who I am.” And then, “I created myself, Barry. Only I can bring out my greatness.”  Then Iris says, “Man do you love to hear yourself talk.” And remember that HR is there when Iris is killed. CreepVoice Julian also keeps saying “I’m the future, Flash.” Or…”I’m the Future Flash.” Not sure which one yet. But I am sure of one thing:

All of this creates the very real possibility that Savitar is HR.

It’s possible that there’s some type of temporal or reality based crisis in the near future around HR being on Earth One. Because he’s not supposed to be there. Then maybe he has to turn himself into a speedster to beat Gypsy or whatever comes to get him and take him back home. Maybe that’s what the wink to the Accelerated Man was about last episode. The words, “I never asked for any of this” and “you took EVERYTHING from me!” would fit with a man displaced from his world. Only problem with my theory is that it seems that HR voluntarily came to Earth One. The other three real possibilities in terms of Savitar’s identity are 1) Eddie, whom we see next week, or 2) Barry from the future. That Future Barry option however is starting to look more convoluted.

Third option? Is that Savitar is Harry from Earth Two. Because Jesse is everything to him and now she’s gone. The same scenario described with HR works with Harry as well. Especially after the “pretender” remark.

Best thing is, there’s some mystery back. I can’t wait to see how this plays out!Savitar, The Flash, The Flash review, The Flash 3x15, Grant Gustin, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

All About Dat Box, Dat Ring, Dat Box

They’re trying to crack its mysteries again. Revelations are coming. Wally and HR are training but Wally’s slowly unraveling with Savitar in his head. So the first of a stuh-RING of bad ideas is born: Cisco is the Human Netflix. Wally wants to see Iris die to better prepare to save her. Cisco knows that’s the wrong play but agrees to it anyway. He warns Wally that he can’t unsee it. And then Wally gets what he asked for. He does indeed witness it. He watches Barry holding his sister’s lifeless body after Savitar impales her. And holy Grandma Moses that was a HORRENDOUSLY bad idea. Wally also notices something significant. Iris is missing her engagement ring.

So for some ridiculous reason, Wally confronts Barry about his proposal to Iris. And he does so in front of everybody. This somehow offends Iris. That made no sense to me. Barry proposed because he loved her. Everything he’s done, he’s done to save her from that fate he saw. Yet now she has an attitude because she’s accusing him of not being sincere.


Savitar, The Flash, The Flash review, The Flash 3x15, Grant Gustin, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

Grow UP

Barry could not possibly be any more sincere about saving her. His whole life has literally revolved around nothing else since he saw that future. He wanted them married sooner rather than later. Even if he did indeed hope that it would change that future, now work with me here…HOW IS THAT A BAD THING? Do you see how they keep making Iris unlikeable? Because that is the reaction of a teenage girl, I kid you not. A grown woman would be able to see that everything he’s done, he’s done out of love for her. Them building a life together, in whatever sequence that happens, at no point negates his sincerity. That whole thing, Iris reacting that way, was just ridiculous.

And also answer me this….what couple doesn’t face their future with a certain amount of fear and trepidation? That. is. normal. life. Barry unfortunately has the added weight of the time and date of his wife’s death. She’s angry with him for wanting to create safety and normalcy and a marriage before said death happens? Mad at him for being afraid, even though every single member of her family and Team Flash is afraid too? Yeah. DONE.Savitar, The Flash, The Flash review, The Flash 3x15, Grant Gustin, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

I’ve got a Secret

Turns out Caity Cait’s been hiding a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone that she kept. This is supposedly the “one shall betray you” portion of the prophecy. I’m not buying it. It doesn’t really qualify as a betrayal. If this is really it, it doesn’t have that much emotional impact. Know why? Because 98% of the events of the episode could’ve still happened if Caitlin hadn’t done that. Yes, it was selfish. But I called that a long time ago, that she’s desperate to get rid of her powers. Moreso because she doesn’t want to become who Killer Frost is. She said she hadn’t even figured out how to use the stone piece. And they go back to Plan Exorcist Julian anyway, so….yeah. Then it feels like Caitlin and Julian, who weren’t officially a couple, break up. Julian figures out why Caitlin wanted him there. But she seems to say that she really does care about him. I’m confused. They need to define what they’re doing.Savitar, The Flash, The Flash review, The Flash 3x15, Grant Gustin, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

Round Two

They find out Savvy’s in Central City, but nothing more specific. Wally and Jesse have a moment, but Savitar’s deep in Wally’s head now. Visions of his mom n’ everything, all the fixins. Wally’s guilty about how he got his powers YEAH ABOUT TIME THEY ACKNOWLEDGED THAT. So what does Wally do after Momitar mocks him? Yeah he runs off on his own. Of course he does. Because nobody on this show learns anything. But a clue is dropped: Cybertron Momma says, “You were always so smart, weren’t you Wallace?” Again, that could be pointing to HR. That’s something he would say.

And why Jesse doesn’t run after Wally I do not understand.

Tainted Meat

I’m not going to dissect the pure stupidity of Iris’ speech to Barry. It was just so lame. She’s so ungrateful until there aren’t words. Her thought pattern also betrays a mind that’s not mature enough to consider the other side of what she’s saying.Savitar, The Flash, The Flash review, The Flash 3x15, Grant Gustin, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

Somehow Savitar being in the Speed Force is a revelation to them. I thought we always knew that. Where else would Savitar be? But anyway. Wally and Savitar face off, and Savitar manipulates him thoroughly. Wally places right into his hands, and guess what? Barry shows up in time to watch Wally die. One piece at a time. And as it turns out, Wally takes Savitar’s place in the prison he was in in the Speed Force. And….that was Savitar’s plan all along. Right down to giving Wally his speed in the first place. Savvy was counting on Wally’s hubris. All of this came from Barry’s creation of Flashpoint. Jeepers creepers. Savitar crawls out, and is free.

He and Barry fight. Did you notice that now since Savitar is apparently here in real time he’s not as fast as when we first met him? Barry actually holds his own. That’s a pleasant surprise.Savitar, The Flash, The Flash review, The Flash 3x15, Grant Gustin, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

The Bacon? Yeah Caitlin as Always

Caitlin pulls Savitar’s spike out of Barry, saving him yet again. Savitar said it wasn’t quite time for Barry to die yet. Cisco says that maybe they can do something with that piece of Savvy. Joe is holding the torn costume of his dead son. The Father Feels from this man. Wally is now suffering the “fate worse than death” portion of the prophecy. Barry cries. Jesse is comforted by H.R. And Iris…..? She walks away, without her engagement ring on. Then everybody files out except Caitlin. It always comes down to Barry and Caitlin. Every single time. And Barry forgives Caitlin for her fear, as Iris apparently cannot forgive Barry for his. Her connection in keeping the stone was what gave Savitar the penultimate thing he needed to escape. But that couldn’t have possibly been part of Savitar’s plan. Wally replacing him was the last piece. And then Barry blames himself and his fear for all of this.


Well, I may not have liked every way we got here, but I must admit: this was a heck of a ride. If all the prophecy portions are the final ones (because I think there might be secondary reveals on a whole other level coming) then it’s all coming true. Which is what I said in the first place. Their attempt at changing the details of the future wasn’t going to stop Savitar, and now we know why: because they had already played into his hands and didn’t know it. The weakness and fear of each member of Team Flash was on full display tonight.

Except for HR, did you notice that? He was the only one not afraid, unaffected, and unemotional over these events. And Psycho Julian said, “You(HR) survive my wrath. The coward.”


I might smell.

what The Flash.

is cooking.Savitar, The Flash, The Flash review, The Flash 3x15, Grant Gustin, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II

One last thing

All of a sudden I’m realizing that Savitar could actually be Wally in a time loop paradox.

Jeebus creepus, I hope not.

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  1. As Always great review!!! I hope that “one should betray you” is not Caitlin… that would be lame, that doesn’t feel like a betray at all, selfish yes! And she is right to do so, no one else think about her.
    Seriously I couldn’t care less about the couple that ends tonight, Barry and Iris are so boring and Caitlin and Julian… well we all know she was just using him, but because she is too good she sincerely care about him as a friend.
    I do are excited to know who is savitar bc if is future Barry why he wants so desperately to kill Iris? I think it is Eddie, they want to show how Iris won’t have be with Eddie even if he was a live, sad because I love Eddie.

    • It could be any one of the four I named now, that’s why it’s so exciting! They all have reason to be Savitar. But remember, Possessed Julian said that it was ALL of Team Flash that made him(Savitar) that way. That pushes me more towards HR or Wally.

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