TV Review: Arrow[S1Ep3] “Lone Gunmen”

Arrow Lone Gunmen Review, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Deadshot, Green Arrow


We get a glimpse of who Oliver truly is. And it’s awesome.

Step it Up

What it seems that this episode does is to accelerate everything. Whatever plot points were brewing heretofore get stepped up, and we’re still only three episodes in. I get how the show chooses to keep reintroducing Ollie. Audience members are probably not nearly as familiar with him as they would be Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne. The voice overs still don’t bother me. I just think the Batman parallels are hilarious. And Ollie sure did learn a lot in that five years on Gilligan’s Island.Arrow Lone Gunmen Review, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Deadshot, Green Arrow

This episode features Deadshot, a prime villain from the comics. And Deadshot is doing what he does best: taking people out. He never misses, even at extreme distances. DS even has poison bullets! Which Ollie just happens to have a cure for that he learned, where else? On the island! Thea is being a lil’ Miss BrattyPants, as usual. I find it quite amusing to watch the lifestyles of the Spoiled & Famous. Breaking and entering and public intoxication even. I know girls just like her in real life, maybe that’s why I find it all so funny.

So I Creep

Detective Lance does his usual investi-prancing. Oliver of course is a detective as well, imagine that! And holy crap, Deadshot’s easy bake tattoos! So, Digg is, just as I said, becoming Alfred, as he can smell Oliver’s nighttime activities. They have an intense racially charged conversation when Oliver is considering setting up shop in the Glades. The Glades are the Po’ Side of Starling City.

I must say…I do not like Laurel. Like, not at all. From her face, to her voice, to her attitude, I just don’t like her. That’s a shame, because I’ve always liked Black Canary. The best scene in this whole episode is when Thea outs Laurel’s sexual relationship with Tommy. I was flashing the rawk sign at the TV when she did that, it was so awesome. But, Ollie did her wrong first by screwing her sister. Then getting Sara killed, so Dinah is bringing the strikeback. But this plot point is SO tired.Arrow Lone Gunmen Review, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Deadshot, Green Arrow

Into the Badlands

Oliver is constantly making it obvious that he’s the hooded vigilante to anyone that’s paying attention. He’s not as good with the secret keeping as Bruce is. So yada yada, Ollie gets some evidence of Deadshot’s activities and modus operandi, as do the coppers. Always lots of ripped abs, tats, and manly action for the ladies. It is the CW after all. Ollie connects to the Russian mob as he speaks their language. They agree to help, and oh yeah kill his whole freaking family in case he’s bluffing. Chilling. I like the way they’ve ratcheted up the stakes tho. Oliver is starting to see some early consequences from his vigilantic quest. More tension between the Lances & the Queens, yada yada. I do love Walter’s accent and class. Quite refreshing to see that kind of black man on TV.

So of course, just as I predicted, Dinah comes in during the club scene, and does wicked judo, because I told you they will give her every opportunity to show up the men, because that’s just the way TV works nowadays. And she didn’t save them as she claims…she grabbed him from behind & the goons just stopped. Whatever. I don’t like her.Arrow Lone Gunmen Review, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Deadshot, Green Arrow

Things to Come

We also get a scene with Felicity Smoak, a character from the Firestorm comics. Seems like she’s going to be around for at least 4 eps, that’s cool. No chance of us seeing Firestorm himself because of the ‘no powers’ thing, but that’s cool.

So Deadshot’s targeting Walter at his stock party auction. Oliver makes a stop to bully, I mean, ask Detective Lance for help. Tommy makes an attempt at sincerity, and it seems like he and Dinah are officially a couple again. ‘Cause he’s gonna be a ‘better man.’ [eyeroll]

I’m glad Walter wasn’t killed by Deadshot, but there’s resulting mayhem. Digg gets shot with one of those magic poison bullets. Bat-Arrow and Deadshot have a thrilling, chilling rooftop fight(so exciting!), before GA semi-subdues him. And I love the bow-to-the-throat move, I hope he makes that a signature one. The only thing that really looks janky is that huge targeting monocle of Deadshot’s; did not translate well from the comics.

So, flashbacks to Fantasy Island notwithstanding, Ollie saves Digg from the poison…and reveals himself to Digg! Wow!Arrow Lone Gunmen Review, DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Deadshot, Green Arrow


So all in all, we see everything moving forward, almost faster than expected, and it looks like Dinah/Laurel might find out next week about Green Ollie. Wicked.

I really enjoyed this one, real action & consequences, both in and out of costume. I hope if they tell all the inner circle who Ollie is, that they have some story left to tell after that.

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