Trailer Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Official Teaser

The last Jedi teaser, DT2

The first official Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser is here.

Repeat, it’s a teaser not a trailer! Because teasers are trailers for trailers!

I’m Bad, I’m Bad, chaw-mon

This is clearly a passing of the baton movie. And with that, comes the end of an era. And much sadness. All of the other things that happen in the trailer are standard Star Wars fare. We’ve lived in this world long enough to know what each scene flash means:

Anything with Rey = This is her training montage movie. She is Luke from Empire and Luke is Yoda.

Light, Darkness, Balance = The Jedi & the Sith up to their old tricks. Again.

Pilots and Ships = Aerial dog fights that are trademark Star Wars fare

What sets this teaser apart is Luke’s final line.

“I only know one truth. It’s time…..for the Jedi….to end.”


Holy Ladysmith Black Mozambo.

This could mean any number of things. Some of them predictable, some of them incredible, all of them sad. It’s the end of an era if Luke Skywalker is hanging up his lightsaber for good. It could mean that Luke his lost his faith in his old religion. It could mean that Luke is just tired of fighting. It could mean that Luke now sees the Jedi as the problem, or causing more harm than good by their existence. It could mean that Luke has had a Force Vision and it told him that the way forward will not include Jedi. There are just so many places they could go with that, but they all arrive at the same end: this is it for Luke Skywalker.luke-skywalker-star-wars, mara-jade-skywalker, The last Jedi teaser, DT2


Honestly, that will be the focus of watching the movie for me. I could not care one single ounce less about what happens to Jedi Buffy or the rest of the New Young’Uns cast. I really couldn’t. But Han is dead. Carrie Fisher has died, so this is Leia’s last live appearance. She was CGI’d into Rogue One so maybe there will be more of that to come.

But with Luke going out, that’s what will be the centerpiece of this movie. Whether that’s what they intended or not. I certainly hope he goes out in a worthy way. He deserves it. And I would certainly like to see him happy in his life with Mara Jade before he does. I think that after all Luke has been through, he deserves some happiness.

So come this Christmas….there’s gonna be some feels.mara-jade-skywalker, The last Jedi teaser, DT2

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