Trailer Review: Justice League – Official Trailer 1

The official Justice League trailer is here.

And as with all things Justice League these days, it continues to be divisive. The trailer itself introduces us to the members of the JL that will be featured in the movie: Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and the Aquaman. We already know that Superman will also show up at some point. There’s a brief glimpse of Lois Lane. There’s been nothing but rumors about a Green Lantern showing up at some point during the movie as well.

Bruce and Diana are aware of a global threat in the form of some shapeshifting aliens. They gather the team to fight. And fight they do. The trailer does not skimp on action in any way. There’s a glimpse of Mera, of intra-team fights to test power limits, and some big blowout action set pieces. Best thing about the trailer is The Flash in action. His sequences truly showcase him riding the lightning in the most visceral way we’ve seen so far.

So what’s the problem?

Same as always. This is a particular characterization and feel as all takes on superheroes are. And it’s so specific until you either love it or you hate it. All of the Snyder conventions are front and center. That overcast, blue-gray washed out hue that permeates every scene. The action sequences happening in a dizzying way, and many of them so dark you can’t quite make out everything that’s happening. The absolute shaping of Aquaman as Lobo, because Arthur would never act the way he does in this trailer. Especially hollering “yeah” before jumping off to attack a foe. Arthur always feels burdened by his dual heritage, not fist pumping it up as an excuse for an intergalactic bar fight. Add to that the distorted guitar driven stylings of The Beatles’ classic Come Together and you have everything you need to know about this movie.

An Era

So, if you’re not a fan of this take on the League, too bad, so sad. This Snyderesque version seems to be the soup de jour. We are most likely never going to see a brighter or nobler Justice League, like the one that Alex Ross often draws. We’ll most likely never see the Silver Age characterizations in live action, at least not for awhile. If you want a taste of that, best to check out the excellent Justice League Action. The animation teams tend to favor the long time comic characterizations. Mainly because they’re the ones that created the classic versions of these characters that some of us love. But hey, there’s lots of people that literally worship Zack Snyder so they’ll defend this take on the basis of that alone.

This ain’t your daddy’s Justice League. These are frat boys and girls on steroids who defend the earth because they’re on an adrenalin bender. C’est la vie.

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