The Flash – If Dawn Allen is…?

If Dawn Allen is…?

Dawn Allen
If Dawn Allen is actually Dawn Allen, then she’s come back from a time where either Barry is dead or both Barry and Iris are, hence her glee at meeting them.

Jenni Ognats(XS)
It might be to finally pull Iris into the future, and introduce her to her real parents, legacy, and destiny.

Joe and Cecile’s Daughter
Then I have no idea why she’d be evil, UNLESS…..Barry does something to cause Cecile or Joe to be hurt, and she wants revenge.

Dominic and Marlize’s Daughter
Then she’s come back in time to be sure that Team Flash doesn’t beat the Thinker.

At this point I don’t really think she’s Wally or Cisco’s daughter. Could be wrong tho.

Bonus Thought
What if she’s Thawne’s daughter? What if that’s why she gushed over meeting Barry, because she has the same hero worship/hatred relationship with the Flashes as Thawne does? What if she’s here to get revenge for her dad?


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