The Five Avengers stories you MUST read before Infinity War

Infinity War is coming up fast. There’s some reading that you need to do to get the full impact of the movie, as there are going to be TONS of winks to following stories. If you want to get them from Comixology or Amazon, then sign up to get cash back before you buy. You’ll get some cash back on your purchases, so sign up first, and then click on the pics below.

Get these comics right now:

1. The Kree-Skrull War

The Kree and the Skrull have a long running, unending hatred for each other. The Avengers get caught up in their conflict and it changes them, and the earth, forever. It features almost all of the most popular Avengers characters and showcases the budding Scarlet Witch-Vision relationship.

2. Civil War I

Iron Man and Captain America find themselves on opposite sides of the Superhero Registration Act. Cap believes that heroes should stay masked and free, and Tony believes they should unmask and be brought under governmental control. Even the Fantastic Four split up over this one. And the biggest game changing event? Spider-Man unmasks and reveals himself as Peter Parker. The ramification of all the things that happen in Civil War are STILL echoing in the Marvel universe to this day.

3. Ultron Unlimited

This is one of the best character piece stories that the Avengers have ever been in. You’ll get to see the real fears and thoughts behind all of your heroes. You’ll also get a glimpse at a dystopian future where Ultron won, and what they’re willing to do to erase that future. It also lets you see Hank Pym, which the movies have never done, and what he’s meant to the Avengers over the years.

4. New Avengers: Breakout

This book highlights Spider-Man as an Avenger, and all of the current Netflix Defenders are Avengers too, along with Dr. Strange and Spider-Woman as well. It is also the most likely template that the Avengers movies will follow after they’re done with the Thanos saga. You’ll also meet the Sentry, which everyone agrees is Marvel’s version of Superman; he’s a game changer.

5. The Korvac Saga

Holy COW this one was intense. They have to fight a being that fancies himself as god and seeks to remake the universe in his image. The Guardians of the Galaxy have been chasing this dude and come back in time to meet the modern day Avengers, and they have to team up to beat him. They don’t. Most of them get killed. By the time you finish this story, your definition of “good” and “evil” will have done jumping jacks in your head.

These are the primer books you need to get into Infinity War the way you want to. You’ll never regret reading comics!


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