TV Review: Justice League Action [S1Ep17] “Plastic Man Saves the World”


Brainiac wants to continue his planet collecting streak. Batman, Vixen, Cyborg, Superman and Plastic Man say different. With expected hilarity ensuement.

Take it Seriously, dude

I love this show. Brainiac is written the way I’ve always felt he should be written: looking at life through calculations, percentages, and statistics. It was also great to see Vixen in action in this format. Bats, Cyborg and Vixen attack first. Brainiac and his Brainy Droids adapt like The Borg to their assaults. That was just excellent. Batman calls in Superman. He attacks and Brainiac adapts again and starts the shrinking process for the city. The World’s Finest realizes they need an infiltrator. And one shows up….Plastic Man.

Threat Level

Batman doesn’t think Plas is serious enough. Plastic Man is written here as he should be as well. Like if Robin Williams and a pack of Bubble Yum had a kid. He’s literally a laugh a minute. Superhero slapstick at its finest.

Plastic Man infiltrates the ship anyway. There’s even a nod to the New 52 Justice League picture in his pontifications. So with lots of comical introspection, he gets into the ship. When he does get in, he does something kind of cruel. He starts yelling inside the glass cage of one of the shrunken cities. I thought that was a real jerk thing to do, but Eel is supposed to be kind of an idiot. He finds out that his threat level is really low. So he’s gonna show those Brainy Bots.

Superman and Brainiac are going at it. Love how Kal can’t just take him out so easily. Notice how they don’t have to depower Superman on this show to give him some real conflict?

Full Power

Now somehow he temporarily convinces a BrainoDroid that he’s one of them. I was like, really? But anyway the Bot sees through the not-really-a-disguise and attacks Plasty Plas. He spars with them and blows one of them up by becoming Fat Albert. I was rolling. So Plas realizes that the only way to shut this miniaturization ray down is to get inside it. And sacrifice himself. He does so before Superman can get to him and stop him. And everything blows up with Plas right in the middle of it.

Remembering Plastic Man

Batman and Superman reassess their opinion of Plas. They realize he was serious.

And then down he floats! He survived the blast. And then he starts belching up all the glass bottles with the worlds in them. Hilarious. Brainiac gives him a threat level upgrade and the episode ends with a super selfie. No seriously. Batman’s expression is hilarious. So is Brainiac’s. Plastic Man is like “Ah’m gonna POST this!”

…Can you imagine a real Plastic Man Instagram account?

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Another really fun episode. Great balance of humor and gravitas. And what do I always say I like the most about this show? It’s that the characters are always written in character. More proof that you don’t have to make the characters somebody they’re not to make them work.

Love a love LOVE this show! More Justice League Action!



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