My thoughts on Star Trek:Discovery – Pilot

So, after watching Star Trek:Discovery, here are my thoughts:

-The show’s initials are STD. Just pointing that out because I think it’s funnily bizarre. And bizarrely funny.

-Just like I figured, it’s about the elements of a Star Trek show. The tech, the babble, the ships, the aliens. Not what Star Trek is actually about. Which is the betterment of mankind in the future upon discovering that we weren’t alone in the galaxy. Did anybody get any hints of mankind and its future being brighter here?

-As I have also said repeatedly, they need to set any new Trek in the future. The far future. It’s blessed near impossible with the modern production quality and aesthetics shown here to believe that this is 2256, around the time James T. Kirk was getting started in Starfleet. This show should’ve been set in 3256. Everything changes for the better if that happens.

-It was visually pretty captivating. Too bad it wasn’t as captivating story wise.

-Yeah, the Social Justice Agenda is front and center. From the female captains to the non-English ship names to the people of color being the leads, you name it.

-I knew instantly that Sonequa Martin-Green’s character was the Buffy. (Ironically Sonequa has the same initials as Sarah Michelle Gellar.) Know why? Because she knew everything about everything. Think about it. There’s no discipline or topic that she wasn’t completely well-versed in. She was also the main risk taker in every scenario. She routinely disrespected her superior officers. She’s a human with Vulcan training. So, she’ll spend the whole series beating up opponents that outweigh her by 200 lbs, and out thinking them all at every turn. She’ll be the bravest, the smartest, the undefeated. And when she does get defeated, she’ll be resurrected. Seeing her with burn marks and the threat of DNA destabilization meant nothing. She’s in no danger at all. Bored now.

-They still haven’t learned that a solid Star Trek show has to have a memorable theme song as an intro. One with a singable melody. And it’s got to sound like Star Trek. Not anything else.

See how there’s an incredible sense of wonder and epicness in TOS, TNG, DS9, and Voyager‘s music? And a MELODY? Then it’s some kind of Dylan folk band for Enterprise? Just no. That’s why that show was awful. They didn’t get it. They missed it again here with STD.

-Yep the Klingons again. They’re overused now like Lex Luthor and the Joker. No new information in terms of the fact that the Federation and the Klingons hate and mistrust one another. That was established thoroughly and overcome brilliantly in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Absolutely no need for a rehash here.

-Yeah so, instead of presenting the Klingons as militaristic, hunter-gatherer, living metaphors for the old USSR and Communism as they were originally they are now….um, Nubian pygmy zealots and priests? Ebony Egyptian star lords? ….What? And they didn’t look like Klingons. Also, listening to them hock out their every line in Klingon just made my ears form their own spit. They have a language made of phlegm. 😐

-Yeah. Nothing happened in this ep. Think about it. I also, again, got no sense of a larger galaxy or optimism or hope. Just a beginning military strike. “That’s the diplomat in you talking. What does the soldier say?”

-Her name is Michael. She’s got a Sarek Yoda Jor-El teacher hologram. So she’s a man, a woman, a human, a Vulcan, a person of color, a warrior, a military strategist, a conqueror, a victim, a winner, a student, a learner, full of wisdom, self-awareness, PTSD, a rebel, wrong about everything, right about everything, and constantly persecuted. Oh and a walking Google search. That’s got to be some kind of record for one character.

-Yeah, not gonna pay to watch this. It needs to be renamed to:

Social Justice Trek: Sasha’s Story.

2 thoughts on “My thoughts on Star Trek:Discovery – Pilot

  • September 26, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    Thank you! Could not agree more. It was thoroughly disappointing on all counts.

    • September 26, 2017 at 6:31 pm

      I didn’t even bother watching the second episode.


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