Movie Review: “Man of Steel” Part 1


War of the Worlds:Krypton vs. Earth!

This movie suffers from what most of today’s movies suffer from: they don’t get the basics right. They work so hard on the special FX until the things that matter go lacking. So let me sum up what’s wrong with the perspective of the movie:

People don’t see Superman as an alien that looks like a man.

People see Superman as a great man that happens to be an alien.

And the movie flips those statements.

With that basic sense twisted, the fallout is inevitable. Any and all other criticisms can be chalked up to poor storytelling or editing, but once the root is off, the tree can’t bear healthy fruit. This is a take on Superman, a take…but it doesn’t take the parts of him that people like to see the most, save for his powers.Man of Steel Shield DT2ComicsReview

Three Act Play of Course

So……..the sections of the movie are basically the same as Superman:The Movie.
Krypton ==> Smallville ==> Metropolis. Except there’s a lot more Smallville flashbacks thrown in once Superman becomes an adult. It does not introduce any new material, but it does give us twists on the old material rooted in very sound logic; major kudos for that. That is one of the things I enjoyed the most about this movie. But, the editing made the presentation non-linear, so we are literally jerked back & forth from past to present at every turn.Man of Steel Review DT2ComicsChat


The Good:

1) Clark is naturally born, which goes against generations of tradition and law on Krypton. All other Kryptonians are genetically encoded & grown in semi-Matrix like plantish pods. This is done so they can be custom designed for whatever purpose they are to fulfill on the planet. This makes him unique by giving him free will. Excellent touch there. We also find Jor-El is again the most brilliant scientist alive, and is again arguing with the Suits about how tapping into the planet’s core to drain its resources has doomed them. So, it’s not the sun going nova this time, but internal planetary upheaval. Jor-El also, we discover later, steals the Codex skull. This has the effect of planting all the future generations of Kryptonians inside of Clark’s DNA. Gnarly. Also, no Kryptonite, as the planet is no longer destroyed by the sun causing irradiation of its fragments.

2) Zod is not vying for world domination out of a sense of ego, as Terrence Stamp’s Zod was…but rather a sense of duty. He sees how the bureaucrats have stripped the planet & doomed it. He again invites Jor-El to join him in his insurrection, because Zod doesn’t see it as such. Zod & Co. are banished to the Phantom Zone, again sparing them getting caught in the blast, and ironically being freed by it. Again, all of this was great. And really well done. It makes Jor-El sending Kal to Earth have an even greater sense of purpose, as both he and Zod are trying to preserve the race, but in two drastically different ways. Kudos also to Lara’s anguish at having to separate from her newborn son.

The Gripes:

1) Krypton again seems to be Star Trekked as a global monolithic culture. All Kryptonians are similar. And they’re all Caucasian and Israeli for the most part.

2) Really weak sense of it being an alien world. It looks, and feels, more like 22nd century tech mixed with Game of Thrones. Especially the laughable dragon Jor-El uses to escape, instead of a ship. The colors, the animals, the elements(like water), everything was just too Planet M. Avatar misses it on this point too. The ice crystals & tin foil robes of the Donner movie gave us much more mental separation. It’s little things like that that really count on a subconscious level.

3) The short sighted way in which the Kryptonians seemed to set up their outposts & colonies across the galaxy. And how, given the fact that they were out in the universe for tens of thousands of years, no one under a yellow sun seemed to gain any notoriety.

4) Zod stabs Jor-El. Dumb. But not Lara. Even dumber.

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19 thoughts on “Movie Review: “Man of Steel” Part 1

  • June 14, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    I haven’t seem the film yet, but I must say that, ever since I saw the second official trailer for the film, I honestly thought that Nolan and Co. were going to go deep with the Superman character and mythos.

    That second trailer gave off a very eyewitness vibe, which I loved, because it made it seem as if the audience was meant to view Superman the way an actual person would, upon seeing a man of such incredible power: As a spectacle, but also a god. Which, to me, would not only be realistic (the vibe their going for), but also, an acknowledgment of just how powerful and unique Superman is; something that seems lacking, when it comes to how people in other Superhero movies view those heroes. And also, of course, as an inspiration.

    That said, some of your smaller gripes seem more like something you personally didn’t like, than actual problems that screw up the flow, which, of course, is fine, and truthfully, more reasonable and legitimate than the main gripe people, even those who are considered (and distressingly, consider themselves) professional critics cite about this film: That it is nothing like Richard Donners Superman.

    Although, there’s seems to be a little if that in your review, it seems to be one of the main reasons critics are scoring this down on Rotten Tomatos, and so reflected on Metacritic. Not that I would ever give those sites the time if day, but many do, unfortunately.

    This movie was written with the modern sensibility that society might not react kindly, if we were suddenly faced with someone like Superman appearing out of nowhere. Followed up by an invasion of people of like power, causing mayhem, looking for that Individual, so it’s no wonder the people military don’t trust him, even after saving the planet. This ain’t their fathers Superman.

    I see this movie as a first step in Superman earning societies trust, and eventually becoming an inspiration. It would have been odd for it to happened right away.

    I’m willing to bet, that when the second movie opens up, Supes will already have made headway into people’s hearts to some degree, and we will see some of that saving cat from trees charm, as the character is allowed more room to breath.

    Goyer and Snyder have already stated that Superman is the first hero in the DC film universe, and that Supermans actions in this film are what inspire the other DC heroes to come out of the shadows, suit up, and become more active in their heroics.

    Although, I wonder why Nolan’s Batman could not have preceded Superman in that role.

    Anyway, the way Snyder works, I’m willing to bet there’s a directors cut to be released, and that might improve on some if the problems people are having with this theatrical release. Watchmens flow was greatly improved with one, and unlike Nolan, Snyders not a hold out when it comes to such things.

    Anyway, I still plan on seeing and enjoying the film in a couple of weeks, even though its not as thoughtful as I had hoped.

  • June 14, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    Thank you for saying the things that needed to be said. No one enters the theater WANTING to be disappointed, it just happens. Because of the director and the “epic” feel to the previews my expectations were high. By the end of the movie, with the super fighting and seeing yet more of the CGI destruction, I just wanted it to end so I could go home. There were some great things in the movie…but were they enough?

  • June 14, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    Right on! I loved this Lois! And I love your points regarding the difference in Jonathans.

    I didn’t mind the non-linear story telling, but I’m a fan of that kind of thing — Memento and Pulp Fiction being among my favorites!

    Oh! And this! “He didn’t win alone…and he won by force. There was no real thinking on his part, no outsmarting them, no outfighting them, nothing.”

    I haven’t written very many posts about current movies and I didn’t want to spoil the ending, but I SO agree with you! It pissed me off! And if he could kill Zod the way he did, how did he survive to then end of the film if Kryptonians were that fragile??? Irritating!

  • June 15, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    I really have to agree with Superman being somewhat stupid/getting punched around all the time. It always irritates me how pretty much every writers approach to fight scenes is to have Superman getting knocked flat on his ass by every Tom, Dick and Harry just to show how tough his opponents are. I mean, come on, no-one thinks any less of Dr. Octopus because he can’t touch Spider-Man 80% of the time in a fight, why do they think that anyone would think less of Zod and company if Superman actually demonstrated any fighting skill, or actually showed some tactical/strategic intelligence in combat? It would go a long way towards making Superman cool to see him crack a small smile as some bad guy takes furious swings at his chest, only to break their hand, or casually dodging blows with a “you’ll have to do better than that, pal” attitude. Show him as competent, instead of stupid. And, yes, let him win the fight primarily on his own. Batman did it in Batman Begins (and no, Gordon in the Tumbler doesn’t count. He was following Batman’s instructions). Instead, he just looks…pathetic.

    And the Christ imagery…for heaven’s sake, can we stop with that now? Superman is, at his core, a masculine power fantasy of a charismatic and slightly cocky, knight-in-shining-armor crusader for justice who kicks bad guy ass, and defends the innocent. As soon as I heard Jor-El monologuing about Kal being an ideal, and whatnot, I cringed a bit. Especially when trying to humanize Superman, bringing the whole “destiny” and “ideal of goodness” thing into the mix is not, in my opinion, a good idea.

    Jonathan Kent’s death was just stupid on so many levels. It also doesn’t help that he came across as a bit unlikeable. There’s a difference between portraying a father who is terrified of his son’s abilities being discovered, and a guy who will tell his son to sit down and take it when he’s been abused. One is sympathetic, the other crosses too much into asshole territory.

    Also have to disagree about the Superman/Lois Lane romance. Lois wasn’t nearly as annoying here as in some other versions, but holy crap did Adams and Cavill lack chemistry. It actually evoked “WTF” reactions in the audience of the theatre I was in when they finally kissed in the film. If I didn’t know the history behind Superman and Lois Lane, I’d have probably assumed that they were just good buddies prior to that kiss.

    • June 16, 2013 at 1:57 am

      Yeah, in retrospect I might have been a bit too harsh on the Superman/Lois Lane romance. It was kind of nice not to see him as a puppy dog on Lois’ leash, but I guess I was kind of tired from seeing Superman/Lois Lane in every Superman medium, to the point that I’m just not invested that much in it. Not to mention, Lois, again? No slight against her character, but I’m pretty sure Superman had more than one love interest in the comics, couldn’t they have picked one of his many other girlfriends instead? Lori Lemaris, Cat Grant, Maxima…I wasn’t a fan of The Amazing Spider-Man, but I’ll give them kudos for using Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane the second time round, at least.

  • June 15, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    I actually agree with a lot of your points and had the same thoughts while watching the movie. Ultimately, I liked it and am looking forward to part 2. But I wanted more “Superman”. I felt like the storyline went a little too fast and that it seemed more like a sequel than an original. I avoided any kind of spoilers, so I was stunned about how Superman and Lois met and that he wasn’t working at the Planet. But once I got over my shock, I liked it. Also, I love Kevin Costner, but hated his Jonathan Kent. Wasn’t expecting to like Amy as Lois, but she did better than ok. Finally, I absolutely loved the Smallville references. I give the movie 8/10

    • June 15, 2013 at 11:58 pm

      lol, No, it didn’t suck at all, there were just some things I didn’t like about it, but those things didn’t ruin the movie for me. 🙂

  • June 16, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    Just about a year ago, I recall sitting in my kitchen, on this very same tablet, watching the very first preview of Man Of Steel. I thought…finally, I think we’ve got a winner here, in all capacities.

    Today, as we were leaving the theater, I couldn’t help but think: I just saw The Dark Knight Rises, but switch out Supes for Bats and add a lot more…giant alien ships and explosions. Hell, even the music reminded me of it.

    To expound on that for a minute…I’m a very music-oriented person, the music in a film to me is just as extremely important as the characters/plotline/scenery. Can you imagine Jaws or Jurassic Park without their famous themes? Anyone anywhere would recognize them even if they had the most severe case of amnesia. John Williams’ Supes theme was right on par. Hans Zimmer…not in the least. Trailer #2 of Man of Steel featured “Elegy” by L’Orchestra Fantastique. That music was absolutely beautiful, and the clips it matched were what got me officially hooked on MoS. Why wasn’t that song used anywhere in the actual film? The score should’ve been much more along those lines, instead of DarkKnightRisesButSlightlyDifferent.

    Moving on…to the main man, Superman. Or, “Supe—” before Lois could be heard naming him. I too loved the new look of the costume, I liked the fact we actually got a background on why Kal-El wore it and how, not just “oh here’s a suit.” Being that I am a hotblooded woman here…please excuse me, but, HOT DAMN that man’s body is AMAZING. He had that comic look of Supes, angular face and the muscles, but without being overdone. As for everything else…Cavill did well playing Superman, and though he was much more serious than I would have liked, I didn’t mind it so much in general. I tend to have an aversion to too much cheese, and that’s what put me off about Routh’s version, for example. I know Supes is supposed to have that, but I just want a happy medium.

    I do have to address…the end scene with Zod. My jaw was most definitely on the floor amongst the sticky congealed soda puddles and popcorn strewn about. Supes…KILLED someone.

    I’d have much rather he’d gotten Zod back in to the Phantom Zone instead…that would’ve first of all, been really what Supes would’ve done and it would have also left the door open for a possible return.

    I had the exact same thoughts on the continuous destruction with Superman seemingly having absolutely NO awareness of it at all. People died all around him because of it, and it wasn’t even on his Kryptonian radar. I recall my brow furrowing at every one of those moments. I wanted to say (since they showed the new 300 preview), Snyder, this is NOT ancient Greece, and unlike them, Superman cares about who gets hurt around him.

    Lois Lane. PERFECTION. I am indeed a huge comics Lois fan, some versions more than others, and Erica Durance for me was the only one who really brought THAT version of Lois to life. Then came Amy Adams. From the first clip I saw when she told Superman, “Well, here, it’s an ‘S’.” I knew they got it right with her. That one line she had was easily the best and she stuck to her guns, doing exactly the opposite of what she was told, as usual. I like how they left out that doe-eyed instant crush factor. That’s why I always liked Erica’s version, she wasn’t all gaga for Clark Kent in the first instant. She carried that innate inquisitiveness and the need to grab the story. Well done there.

    Who the is Jenny? Why was she even in the film? Other than to look wide-eyed up at the sky and out from under a pile of rubble? I heard rumors she was supposed to be in place of Jimmy. You have to be shitting me if that’s true.

    Also, did Emil Hamilton really have much of a purpose either? Other than that nod to SV fans, if those of you who saw know what I mean.

    This is what I hate about things like that, first, don’t eff up a good thing and also, don’t throw us a bone unless it’s one we can eat up and enjoy. And, above all, make sure it works with the film.

    I hate to go here, but I have to go here. The Avengers did the whole alien invasion thing…better. I found myself almost getting bored at some of it in Man Of Steel, it went on too long and it was too much at times. Who else, speaking of the dragon Jor-El rode, had a flashback to Neverending Story?


    Perry who?

    Disguise first, costume reveal after. Just sayin’.

    What I liked most about this film is it showed how Clark got to be the way he was, not solely influenced by the Kents but, his experiences in the world, the way of the human race. ALL of these things helped to (the bar scene) shape him, and that they did stick to.

    Did Supes ever have a dog named Dusty in any mythos? O.o

  • June 16, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    I knew going in, since Nolans were attached to it, there’d be some similarities but, the tone should have been strikingly different. All sitting on the backbone of that word I kept reading/hearing about, “realism”. Well, there’s “realism” and then there’s “WTF”.

    I was entertained by the film, it did to that, but, I felt it could have been much more.

  • June 22, 2013 at 10:38 am

    I thought the biggest problem was the pacing, which is unfortunately typical of a lot of contemporary blockbuster movies – there has to be a big moment every five minutes. If not an action scene, then some sort of visual spectacle or major plot twist. Just because it’s an action movie doesn’t absolve of the need to slow down and breathe and take serious time for dialogue and character development (Raiders of the Lost Ark is an example of a movie that gets this balance right).

    And then the final act is literally one super-long CGI-fest action scene with almost no breaks at all. The constantly pounding soundtrack made it worse.

  • June 22, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    Haven’t seen it yet so my comments will be brief. Was deathly afraid of CG overload with Nolan and Snyder at the elm, those fears have now been confirmed. In an effort to make Superman relevant to a younger generation they seem to have erased all those things that made him endearing to begin with. Faith in human kind, generosity, respect, NO KILLING and certainly being aware of collateral damage,no reporter (that one really chafes). Chrisopher Reeves played him with a twinkle in his eyes and an ah shucks kind of sensibility which is apparently sorely lacking in this new mostly dour Superman personae, that’s too bad they could have re imagined him without making him a humorless bore.

  • June 27, 2013 at 5:19 am

    I wouldn’t have minded a “darker and edgier” Superman, but the trouble is, they went about it all wrong. To make a “darker and edgier” character more palatable, you have to make them more badass, hence why Wolverine usually overcompensates for his asshole factor by just kicking everyone’s ass within a ten feet radius. They didn’t really do that here, where Superman got owned by Faora and Nam-Ek, and then was clearly at a major disadvantage in his fight with Zod, who made much better use of his Kryptonian powers, his brains, and his surroundings than Superman did (despite the fact that Superman should have had the power advantage). And when he “struggles” with the World Engine in the Indian Ocean for a few minutes, and then beats it by FLYING INTO IT AND PUNCHING IT, I nearly wanted to smash my head through a brick wall. And then he somehow kills Zod, despite struggling to take him down the entire fight. ‘Cause, willpowah, son. Urgh. Not to mention Superman’s attitude. It’s OK to have Superman a bit brooding, but once again, they have to compensate for it with bits of humor, and overconfident, cocky attitude. They didn’t. It’s like they took a look at “Smallville” and then liberally borrowed from it all the wrong things.

    And what the heck was with all the other Kryptonians in Metropolis? Did Zod just tell them to chill in their spaceship, whilst he was beating the shit out of Kal-El? You’d think he’d call down at least four or five other dudes to really lay the smack down on Supes’. And it makes no sense that their “warrior” training somehow gives them an advantage, since at the start of the movie we saw Zod and several other guys getting schooled by a scientist on Krypton. I mean, Kal-El should have been owning their asses the entire time they were fighting. Yes, even Faora’s. Not to mention it would have given the perfect excuse to have all the Kryptonians tag-teaming Superman, to try and overwhelm him.

    Also, whose retarded idea was it to have Krypton a Brave New World-type “utopia”? All it did was take away any chance Zod had at being a compelling villain, to actually develop him as a genuinely interesting and sympathetic figure with overly fanatical ideas. And he shouldn’t have killed Jor-El. They should have ran with the “friends” idea all the way, and then have Jor-El get killed accidentally in a battle between Zod’s rebel forces and Krypton’s “Loyalists”, so to speak. Have Zod genuinely show grief and at his friend’s death, then when he meets Kal-El, show a kind of mentor-student relationship, with Zod feeling almost paternal towards Kal, and feeling genuine rage and betrayal when Kal chooses Earth over his dad’s old friend, thus recalling the time Jor-El choose to reject Zod’s fanatical ideas back on Krypton. Plus, it would have made sure Goyer wouldn’t be able to get away with killing Zod, since it is much harder to have people give thumbs up to the hero killing a sympathetic, fatherly villain, than a genocidal, one-dimensional maniac who killed the hero’s father. And Zod just straight up TELLS Kal that he killed his father. What the hell? Stupidest villain ever, and they had the potential to make him so much more.

    The Codex idea was retarded, as was the ship being sent to Earth 3,000 years ago, yet somehow has a suit with the El family crest. Also, I find it hilarious that people complain about the trunks, yet Superman’s suit in the film is ACTUAL Kryptonian underwear. They should really have rethought that. What works for Spider-Man, does not work for Superman.

    Pa Kent. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH PA KENT!? He used to be an awesome, sympathetic, “Hell Yeah, Pa!”-type of father figure, and they pretty much turned him into an asshole. I want to see Clark cherish and treasure his time with his Pa, not look back and be depressed at his old man telling him to his powers. They should have made him more like Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender. That old man was awesome. And he should have died from something like a heart attack! The entire point of Pa dying is that Superman, with all his power, still can’t save everyone, and it works when it’s a heart attack, or cancer, or something that can’t be stopped by having super-speed! A tornado does not cut it! Not to mention, during that entire scene, I was just coming up with various ways that Clark could have saved Jonathan and kept his powers secret. Came up with about 3 in the first 12 seconds. And Pa telling Clark to stand by and watch, ARGH! Goyer, you, you…why could you not work the magic of Batman Begins with this film? WHY? And Ma Kent should have died too. The “Aunt May” shtick does not work with her. Superman, once again, is NOT Spider-Man.

    Colonel Hardy. Who was he, and why was he in the film? And why should I care about him? He has all of three lines (maybe less, he was so boring I actually have to strain to remember his parts), and kamikazes himself towards the end. That’s it. Also, why does Jor-El tell Lois how to stop Zod, but not his own son? I think even if I were an A.I, I’d be much more likely to trust my own son, than some random, wide-eyed, nosy redhead whom I’ve known for all of five minutes. Would have saved everyone a lot of trouble, Superman could have just done the Colonel’s job in about three seconds, destroyed the machine in the Indian Ocean (and please, NOT by PUNCHING IT), and been home in time for dinner. And why does Zod want Lois, in addition to Superman? Just so we could have another lame-ass scene where the film makers desperately try to convince us that Kal and Lois are totally into each other? I mean, this movie had a less believable romance that Anakin and Padme’s in Star Wars, and that’s saying something.

    Also, why does Superman lose his powers because of Kryptonian atmosphere, but not in outer space? And why doesn’t Zod also throw up blood when he loses his helmet?

    Amy Adams. What were they thinking casting her? Part of the point of Lois Lane’s character is that she is, to put it lightly, a hot babe with a slightly bitchy attitude whom would never give Clark “The Wussy Nice Guy” Kent the time of the day, but would happily spread her legs for Sexy Super-Stud Superman. Not a middle-aged woman with an annoying voice, and a baby-face which makes me think “how cute”, not “SHE’S FINE!”. And who cares if she’s no longer a blind dupe (actually, one can say she still is, since she meets Superman/Clark in the film before he gets a “secret identity”, hence she has the advantage of foreknowledge)? No one cares that the rest of the Daily Planet, or Superman’s supporting cast can’t see through his disguise, why should Lois get special attention in that regard?


    And who the hell is Jenny, and why should I care about her? And if she is really a replacement for Jimmy, I swear, I’m gonna break something. Or someone.

    Oh, and nice job not giving a crap about people, Superman. I mean, you totally just saved like, what, Lois Lane about five times, and that’s it? Oh, and there was also that helicopter dude, whom Superman saves, and completely ignores that the helicopter, and another plane, is about to crash, with people STILL IN IT. I’m glad this Superman doesn’t exist in our universe. He’d be the most incompetent asshole in the world.

    And where’s my realism, NOLAN? Huh? I asked for a realistic take on Superman, I want one. Not Michael Bay’s Transformers with Superman in it, and zero fun factor. I mean, at least Transformers was kinda funny. And you said you were going to give me New 52, Golden Age Superman? WHERE THE HECK IS HE? I asked for badass champion-of-the-oppressed Superman, not this annoying fool.

    I feel bad for Henry Cavill. He really had the chops to pull this off, but Goyer and Snyder let him down. And for Michael Shannon. He was given virtually next to nothing to work with.

    I could probably rant about this movie for another few hours, but that’s probably not good for my blood pressure. I apologize for taking up space on your blog for my rant, but I really hated this movie for, once again, crapping on Superman, just like The Dark Knight Rise shat on Batman. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I hate it.

    I want them to reboot again. Keep Cavill, but please get someone who can write, someone who can direct (WHY U USE SO MUCH SHAKY CAM, SNYDER?), and someone who actually likes and treats the Man of Steel with a modicum of respect. We’ve got plenty of those for Batman and Spider-Man, why doesn’t Supes get some love, too?


  • June 27, 2013 at 9:59 am

    Here is what I thought of MOS…I saw it in Vegas, while we were there, and I was so excited to be seeing it before all of Australia. I left my family to explore Vegas while I ducked off to see the movie I’ve been waiting for. It began and of course I started to have a quiet little sob at the baby Kal El and young Clark stuff. I sobbed away there for the first part of the movie thinking how this was all so good. Then Jor El rode on an Avatar-like dragon. The tears dried up and I thought..’hmm ok a dragon on Krypton…I’ll let that one pass’. Then Lois started the dark…by herself…on a rocky cliff…ok, strange, but I’ll go with it. THEN Clark uses his powers in front of her BEFORE she sees him as Superman, I’m like ‘huh’? (that had shades of Smallville’s Freak for me)

    I started to wriggle a little on my seat…this was not what I thought it was going to be like. Moving on and Zod asks for Lois to go into the spaceship…why Lois? Then it all started to turn into a whole different movie for me. Jor El appears and tells Lois she can teach Kal (that bugged me how they called him Kal, not Kal-El) how to defeat Zod with some sci fi thing that totally lost me.

    The battles were too much CGI for my liking and I started to cringe at all the total destruction of Metropolis. I heard it referred to as ‘destruction porn’. It was too much. All the space ship gadgets and uniforms made me think I was watching a Transformers movie. then the whole gravity thingy from one side of the earth to the other had me befuddled and thinking I was flashbacking to The Fall in Colin Farrell’s Total Recall. What was with this Codec thing also?? Another ‘huh’ moment for me. I know Superman is science fiction, but this was WAY too much for this little fangirl.
    You know me, I love and watch Superman with my heart, I don’t over analyse too much, I don’t follow comics so I see it as I see it. This however made me realise what I was missing, or what I wanted to see, but didn’t. I wanted more Clark Kent at the DP, not a quick flash 5 seconds at the END of the movie! I wanted some ordinary Superman saves, I wanted Lois not to know it was Clark straight away. Reading this back, it seems like I wanted the original Superman movie! Maybe I should just watch that again to satisfy my Superman needs! Anyway, I’m not saying I DIDN’T like it, like Lencho, I was entertained. Henry is a total Superman and I’d love to see him again in MOS2, he was what made it watchable for me. I’m hoping in MOS2, I WILL get to see more Clark at the DP and all of the things I wanted to see in this one. Hopefully I won’t see Superman killing someone with his bare hands, that did not sit right with me…also how the heck did Lois get to him at that moment so quickly?? She seemed to be everywhere!! I did like AA as Lois though. I actually liked all the casting, it was just the CGI that threw me the most. So, I liked it, but left feeling a little bit let down. Hubby asked me what I thought, and to be honest, I just stared at him blankly, not knowing where to start!!
    Sorry if this comment seems unorganised and rambling, but I’m not a writer, these are just my thoughts, and it is good to be able to say them here, I loved reading your review as you can say the things I thought in a much better way!

  • July 18, 2013 at 4:06 am

    You know, the funniest thing about Superman killing Zod is that it wasn’t really a no-win situation – remember those cryo-pods in Superman’s “Fortress Of Solitude”-spaceship? I’m pretty sure those were still intact by the end of the film. Couldn’t Superman have just knocked out Zod, stuck him in one of those and then froze him?

    Yes, I know that people are going to say that “Superman couldn’t have knocked out Zod, he’s been trying to do that the entire film, but he’s invulnerable”. Oh, yeah? Well, riddle me this, geniuses – how did Superman kill Zod, then? I’m pretty sure if someone is impervious to being knocked out by someone else of equal power-level, then they should damn-well be impervious to getting their neck snapped.

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