Dwell in a multimedia experience of multiple expansive, imaginative worlds of original superheroes, angels vs. demons fighting a War in Heaven, and more all accompanied by original music. Become a Patron today and your rewards will give you:

  • Early access to multiple different original Webcomics, written by me and drawn, colored and lettered by top professional artists:

War in Heaven Series

  • The Nephilim Wars – Set at the end of the 30th century, Humans vs. Angels for the second time
  • The Order of Orali – Angels that forge the weapons of Heaven, they predate Lucifer and are sealed inside of fireproof armor from birth

Original Superheroes Series

  • Project P.O.W.E.R. – Old Heroes fighting for a young planet, or are they?
  • The Krýo-Karuto – Their name is literally “The Cold Cult”


You also get:

  • Exclusive art from the comics series
  • Participation in the Choose-a-Hero pool
  • A cameo in a comic of your choice(with a signed image release form)
  • Weekly written fanfics based on your favorite pop culture superhero, fantasy, and sci fi worlds.
  • Original corresponding music tracks every month.
  • Print copies of the comics mailed to you (at the two highest levels).
  • Access to The Rant Room, where you can talk freely about your favorite pop culture characters and story worlds with no trolls allowed!
  • Access to the monthly Writer’s Chat, where you get money & time saving coaching about becoming an author, getting started in comics, and more!

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