Comic Review: “Infamous Iron Man #1”

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So as I have said repeatedly, can’t read everything. Bringing myself up to speed, it seems that:

  • Dr. Doom is a “good guy” now, trying to make amends for his past
  • His face has been healed
  • He’s somehow become even more powerful

He’s Victor

Doom still will not allow his mother to be ill spoken of. Or actually, just spoken of period.

Diablo has captured Maria Hill in a bid to reestablish himself as a major player. His dialogue was well spoken in terms of the “what you have done lately” nature of popularity. That’s a common theme for so-called “B” villains to want to elevate their status. He has her in some bubble gum restraints and is about to pour super truth serum down her throat when Doom shows up. Looking for all the world like Dr. Will Magnus. He makes short work of Diablo, and then just leaves.

Doom is doing some connecting with a doctor named Amara. She either reminds him of his mother or some other lost love. Reminding us that Doom’s obsession with his mother is just that. Her fond memories of his threatening flirting is interrupted by…..none other than Ben Grimm. Looking for all the world like a metahuman bouncer than a hero.

Doom has decided that to accomplish his new mission he needs to become Iron Man. This was the biggest leap in the book. So he verbally banters with a Tony Stark AI (who apparently holds Stark’s consciousness after he bought in Civil War II), and then flies off into the night. Under the watchful eye of his apparently now alive mother.


I’m beginning to put my finger on exactly what it is that’s bugging me about Marvel comics lately. What’s ironic is that Superior Spider-Man, where Doc Ock takes over Peter’s body? Was the one storyline that brought me back to reading Spider-Man again. I quit after One More Day. So we seem to have the same idea here…a villain assumes a hero’s identity. Somewhat. I’m also not sure why Doom thinks that people will think of him as Iron Man, when he still has his signature hood and cape.

But the heroes? Yeah they’re not heroes. They’re increasingly desperate beings who seem to be angry at the state of the world.

Why is there a need for Doom to embark on this quest? It’s rather obvious that what he’s actually doing is accumulating favors. One day he’s going to remind Maria Hill that he saved her bacon. And that she owes him. Why is Doom’s mother a factor? Will he end up battling her? Killing her? Begging for her approval?

So I found it kind of interesting, I’ll see where it goes from here. But just for the record: not really a fan of “villain tries to make good” arcs. Because, you can’t make up for certain things. You certainly can’t undo that. And someone’s true nature always shines through.



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