Blog: The Final Consensus on Cameron

So, my final conclusions on Cameron based on all the fanfic I’ve read, is this:

Cameron & John’s relationship (I refuse to say ‘Jameron’ 😐 ), is reviled in the future. John makes questionable decisions that cost human lives because of it. Everyone in the resistance that knows Cameron hates her, and hates the fact that she’s John’s right hand girl. Woman. Thing.DT2Comics Chat, TSCC, Cameron

So they mutiny.

They either depose or kill John, and they want to dismantle & thermite melt Cameron. Cameron hustles her metal down to the time machine chamber. She gets herself sent back into the past. She wants to accomplish four things:

  • Self-preservation
  • To be with & protect teenage John
  • To change the future and somehow prevent either Skynet from forming,
  • To also prevent the mutiny that kills John

…but in true time travel is a no-no fashion, she actually ends up catalyzing the very future she came back to prevent. With Cameron falling in love with teenage John, and causing him to love her, she thus again makes the two of them inseparable for the next twenty years, thereby inciting the mutiny.

Thoughts on this? Leave your answer in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Blog: The Final Consensus on Cameron

  • January 18, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    I think John’s “questionable” decisions were based off of his unique knowledge of the future, and being a leader having to make sacrifices that most soldiers aren’t given enough information to understand. Example – “Dungeons & Dragons” – John moves soldiers to attack and take a research facility (with time travel equipment), sacrificing a bunker in the process.

    John has to be facing much more than doubts about his leadership though, I’m sure there is at least a small insurrection. Getting Jessie and Riley into the past has to take more than the assistance of one sympathetic bubble tech.

    John and Cameron absolutely love each other. Anyone who disagrees must be watching a completely different show. Look at how gentle and caring he is when he works on her, look at all the personal things he tells her (especially in the future), look at how he continually defies everyone in his life to keep her around, and risks the future of the whole human race to bring her back in “Samson & Delilah.” Cameron may be a machine, but she is clearly the most intelligent and autonomous one we’ve seen yet, and it could be argued that in the end of that same episode she managed to over-ride the “terminate John Connor” programming on her own, and even in the future I find it hard to believe she takes orders from anyone, she seems more a a full fledged partner.

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