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In anticipation of the hopefully excellent Spider-Man:Homecoming, this is a blog series sharing a bunch of my random(and I do mean random) thoughts about Spider-Man. It’s intended for discussion so please add comments/responses.
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4. Religion Vs. Science

DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Spider-ManThe idea of a hero’s symbol or totem being based in science or religion is indeed always an incredible debate. It’s a foundational part of the hero’s backstory. I’ve always bought that Batman is somewhat supernatural…because he’d have to be. I love that Superman’s power is completely biology based, and Captain Marvel’s power is unexplainable magic. I love Mark Waid’s introduction of the Speed Force, which kind of puts Flash in both camps simultaneously. But Spidey? I can’t see how ANYONE could warm up to the idea of a mystical spider god endowing his totem to Peter. That makes absolutely no sense to me, and flies in the face of Spidey’s origin. That was an Epic Fail. Spidey is rooted in (made up) biology and physics, and he doesn’t feel right to me any other way.

5. His Many Costumes

DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Spider-ManThis is an area that never seemed to get me as riled up as does other fans. Probably because I love the idea of taking his basic costume themes, and permutating them to see what can be done. I have always LOVED the black costume. It gives Spidey a different kind of edge, and at once makes him scary instead of funny. I also have to be one of maybe three people in the world who loves the Scarlet Spider costume. But I do.  The Iron Spider costume? Meh, what else would you expect? It works better as a platform for a villain, which ironically seems to be how many of Spidey’s villains are born. They come into being through one of his discarded costume changes. My least favorite costume would have to be the black movie costume in Spider-Man 3. It’s not the real black costume. It just looks awful.

6. Female Versions

DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Spider-Man, Spider-WomanThere are lots of Spider-Females around. From clones, to daughters, to alternate realities, to unrelated in any way except by name. This has always been somewhat of a “meh” subject to me. It has a lot to do with what I’ve said previously about Supergirl, Mary Marvel, BatGirl, etc. If the distaff version is just a spin-off character, they rarely have the same impact. I know that the Jessica Drew version has been the most popular, or at least the most featured over the years. They never seem to be nearly as compelling as Peter is, at least to me. I prefer female characters that have a unique origin, like Sue Storm, Rogue, Phoenix…it doesn’t have anything to do with a male counterpart and thus begs less comparison. No shadow to live in.

7. Rogues Gallery

DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Spider-Man, rogues galleryThis ranges everywhere from deadly scary to godawful goofy, as most rogues galleries go. Best it’s still one of the best collection of villains in comics. I’ve always been partial to Electro and Mysterio(the classic versions). I just dig ’em, and the challenge they can present to Spider-Man. I’m sick to death of the omniscient, eternal, girlfriend impregnating(ugh I will never forgive that) Norman Osborn. He’s been overcooked like steak from an angry chef. Same with Venom. I love the original idea of Venom, but he’s been spun off and copied and reincarnated so many times until it no longer has that original scary edge. If ANYBODY can be Venom, it declaws him.

Too many video games leads to Super Villains folks. And that’s also a huge no on movie Electro.

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