Blog: Here comes the Spider-Maaaaaan!!! Part 1


In anticipation of the hopefully excellent Spider-Man:Homecoming, this is a blog series sharing a bunch of my random(and I do mean random) thoughts about Spider-Man. It’s intended for discussion so please add comments/responses.

1. The Spider-Man Theme Song

It’s amazing(hah! pun intiende). The music from the old 60’s cartoon is still the most remembered music associated with the character. Spider-Man has had more incarnations than any other Marvel character, and is probably the third most popular hero behind Superman & Batman. Yet no one has written a better theme. (Although I’m going to make an argument for John Williams’ Superman:TheMovie theme later.) That was actually one of my biggest disappointments in the Raimi Spider-Man films. Same with the Garfield films. The music was nowhere near memorable. They even alluded to this theme in the films! Life is a great big bang up! Wherever there’s a hang up! You’ll find the Spider-Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

2. The Conceits of the Mythos

DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Spider-ManEvery superhero mythology has conceits. Some are admittedly huger than others, but at its base there are elements without which the story doesn’t work. So we have to accept them, no matter how far-fetched (read:impossible) they may be. But that is the fun of comics, and I’d never want to change it. So obviously we have to believe:

  • That a living creature could absorb and internalize radiation
  • That somehow a bite from this irradiated living creature would transfer some of its genetic properties and attributes
  • That a human being could absorb and assimilate these properties
  • That these effects would be long lasting
  • That only the cool parts of the spider are absorbed

Okay, we’ll take it. That last one is my personal favorite tho. The idea that Peter would somehow only absorb the properties of the spider that made him cool. Spider-Man has:

  • the ability to cling to walls
  • superhuman strength
  • a sixth sense (“spider-sense”) that alerts him to danger
  • perfect balance and equilibrium
  • superhuman speed and agility

They’ve done countless stories around this I know, but it’s awful convenient that Peter didn’t seem to get multiple legs, multiple eyes, a desire to eat flies, or webs coming out of his butt. I’m just sayin’.

3. Web Shooters: Mechanical vs. Organic

DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Spider-ManI was one of those fans that thought that Spidey’s web shooters were just the coolest things. From a storytelling standpoint it showcased Peter’s genius, and created multiple opportunities for jeopardy. Web fluid as a plot device becomes in effect an almost limitless creative substance. I thought it couldn’t be topped.

Until I was introduced to the concept of organic web shooters.

Holy crap, I’m a convert. Once I saw Spidey have organic web shooters in both film and print I couldn’t believe how much I loved the idea! It also occurred to me how stupid I thought the idea of him NOT being able to shoot webs naturally was. This seems to be another one of those incredible dividing points among fandom at large. Team Mechanical vs. Team Organic. But I am an unapologetic convert. Organic all the way for me!

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Please feel free to add your comments; I’d love to hear others weigh in on these subjects! 🙂

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