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In anticipation of the hopefully excellent Spider-Man:Homecoming, this is a blog series sharing a bunch of my random(and I do mean random) thoughts about Spider-Man. It’s intended for discussion so please add comments/responses.

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8. Gwen vs. Mary Jane

DT2ComicsChat, David Taylor II, Spider-Man, gWEN STACY, Mary JaneI was, and am, a total Gwen Stacy fan. Like many people do with Star Wars and Aliens, I just ignore the abominations that they created in subsequent incarnations. I can’t beLIEVE the Norman impregnates Gwen storyline. I just can’t. And they hired a redhead to play the blonde Gwen in Spidey 3. Sure. And Gwen always seems to end up dead; she and Jean Grey have a running bet as to how many grave stones they can overturn from the inside. But regardless, I choose to remember her as Peter’s first and true love.

I honestly didn’t become a Mary Jane fan until the walking abortion that is One More Day. I didn’t realize how much the Peter and MJ story had grown on me until I saw it destroyed. For no good reason. Superman and Lois can make it work, why not these two? So now I love both girls, for different reasons.

9. The Spider-Man Movies

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, DT2ComicsChat, Spider-Man, Tom HollandTruth? I have never imbibed the Raimi kool aid. Especially when Doc Ock and J. Jonah Jameson were cast SPOT ON but Tobey & Dunst are still being debated. I really wanted to like the movies, but there are just too many things that take me out of it. The omniscience of the villain, the villains always either dying at the end or “turning good.” All the emo slop in the Turd one(see what I did there?), the exact same third act being used for every single movie. The peace de resin, Spidey being unmasked on a train and NO ONE taking a camera phone picture and selling him out. Just no.

With the Garfield movies, they just didn’t have the same energy. And Gwen’s death at the end of the second one, even though canonical, was just too much of a downer. It makes you not want to watch the movie again, which is the wrong feeling to build into your movie. And the villains were ridiculous every time. The Lizard, Jamie Electro, and the Rhino were parodies of themselves. Nope. Fail.

Review of Amazing Spider-Man

Holland in Civil War completely reinvigorated the character. Almost everybody that saw that film loved him, including me! It whet our collective appetites for his full length feature film.

10. Supporting Cast

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, DT2ComicsChat, Spider-Man, Tom Holland, supporting charactersNo mention of Spidey would be complete without his incredible supporting cast. Again, only Batman and Superman have a better known roster of characters. Uncle Ben, Aunt May, Robbie, J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, Curt Connors, Richard & Mary Parker, god love ’em. They are LITERALLY the reason that he fights.

11. The Fun Factor

I must say tho, for all my likes and dislikes, Spider-Man has to be one of the most fun characters ever invented. I have not, and am not, a fan of his Charlie Brown aura. I dig the incredible heartbreak that he was conceived in, and wouldn’t change it for anything, but I don’t like the “lovable loser” theme. I like it better when he’s happy and winning. That doesn’t take away from him at all. A happy Batman just will not work, but a fun loving Spider-Man who gets a break is just fine with me.

Please feel free to add your comments; I’d love to hear others weigh in on this! 🙂

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